70-Yr-Old MMA fighter setting Guinness World records

by James Ryan | source: bleacherreport.com

To the amazement of many, Dr. John Williams, a 70-year-old Mixed Martial Arts fighter, has willingly scheduled himself to take on Larry Brubaker (age 49) as part of the “Wild Card” event for Elite 1 MMA Productions at the Casino New-Nouveau Brunswick in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, on July 24th.

Dr. Williams, a current Guinness world record holder, will attempt to break two new Guinness world records with the assistance from Mr. Brubaker, as the oldest fighter to ever compete inside of an MMA cage, as well as, the oldest combined age for any two fighters in the history of MMA.

All of this begs the question—is age really just a number?

Well, Dr. Williams certainly thinks so.

In fact, despite certain criticisms, this 34th generation Gunshi, in Saigo Ha Daito-Ryu Aiki Bujutsu (a 1200-year-old Samurai Art) is out to prove it.

In researching Dr. Williams, I have quickly come to the realization that it is near impossible to condense this man’s entire life into a few simple paragraphs that will in any way do justice to his amazing and unique life experiences.

Nevertheless, I will try…

Dr. John J. Williams (a.k.a. Gray Wolf) was born on March 7th, 1940, in a small town in Eastern Canada. His parents were both French speaking Native American Indians of the Wabenaki tribal nation and he is the direct bloodline descendant of the Wabanaki War Chief, Madockaweando.

Dr. Williams began training in martial arts and boxing back in 1947 at the age of 7.

By the age of 16, Dr. Williams had already been introduced to Olympic-style weightlifting, Kodokan Judo, and Tani-Ha Jiu-Jitsu.

By the time he was 23-years-old, Dr. Williams was giving strongman demonstrations such as bending spikes, tearing phonebooks and licenses plates in half, and holding two jeeps from going in the opposite directions. His most impressive feat of strength however, was a one hand dead-lift with 500 pounds.

In later years, Dr. Williams also went on to study Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Kyokushinkai Karate.

As fate would have it, Dr. Williams eventually became the inheritor of Saigo Ha Daito-Ryu in 1972 after his master, Pok Shen, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Since there were no other senior students studying under Master Shen, Dr. Williams was asked to become the successor.

In 1987, Dr. Williams set his first Guinness world record for breaking multiple blocks of ice with a single punch (11 inches thick, by 22 inches wide, by 42 inches long, and 10 stacks high).

Fast forward 23-years later and amazingly, this record still stands today (although his son Tim is the only other man to tie the record).

Throughout his years of travelling and living in the USA, Dr. Williams participated in several university courses such as psychology, philosophy, hypnotism, and eventually, he became a legally ordained Baptist minister. He was later awarded a Doctorate in Theology and eventually taught as a professor at Holland College and Success College, as well as, the Julian College of Arts & Sciences.

In 1989, Dr. Williams completed a course in Hypnotherapy and he began treating clients for various ailments. By 1995, Dr. Williams had completed his course in EFT (based on Chinese acupuncture), which he combined with hypnotism to treat sexual assault victims.

In 1996, Dr. Williams was awarded a Doctorate in Linguistics from the Cyber College out of Japan for his work teaching the English language to Japanese high school students over the internet.

By the year 2000, Dr. Williams was acknowledged by the Canadian Court System as an expert on the Eastern Woodland Indians and their treaty rights.

Currently, Dr. Williams is the site coordinator for Elite 1 MMA Productions.

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crowbar site profile image  

8/3/10 11:00 PM by crowbar

It`s true Fred.I just watched it. Pathetic!

damaebushi site profile image  

8/3/10 10:39 PM by damaebushi

 Damn.  Sorry to hear all this.  If true, it is really a shame and  as a genuinely traditional old guy, I feel badly about it. Respectfully: Fred

skipper77 site profile image  

8/3/10 9:21 PM by skipper77

Fred,Every move seemed choreographed. The throws, the strikes, the "submission"...everything. It did not look good at all.

fakezaga site profile image  

8/3/10 9:19 PM by fakezaga

Assisted throws, nonsensical reversals, a test-of-strength-to-cheapshot transition to open the second round, a guy limping over three weak leg kicks and a submission via non-existent ankle lock.

Mister Saigon site profile image  

8/3/10 8:52 PM by Mister Saigon

LOL just watched the video, what horseshit

nostripewhite site profile image  

8/3/10 8:48 PM by nostripewhite

To add to this. The 70 year old guy's son is the promoter for the event.

villageidiot site profile image  

8/3/10 8:39 PM by villageidiot

Hmmmmm.I was ready to go on a 'fuck the haters' tirade...then I watched the video.Looked like a stiff pro-wrestling match.Kinda sucks if this guy is remembered over Skip Hall or other elder martial artist.

jcblass site profile image  

8/3/10 8:25 PM by jcblass

Wow, terribly unrealistic. Total work, that shit should not be in any record books.

William Colosimo site profile image  

8/3/10 8:19 PM by William Colosimo

look at the first hip throw- the younger one actually throws himself forward before the throw happensthis (older) guy brags there is no honor in mma then does a fake fight? he just did it to get in the record book, get some promotion, notoriety and money- all in an illegitimate way. insecure poser.

thebasher site profile image  

8/3/10 8:13 PM by thebasher

that was like pro wrestling. Clearly a work of course but dude moves good for a 70 year old man