Power Ranger turning pro, wants Strikeforce

by Damon Martin | source: mmaweekly.com

"I didn't think a lot of stuff was going to happen so fast, but I got some fights under my belt, got the movie and all that stuff, and I don't know, just training a lot with my training partners and my coach Rocky Long, and stuff like that. I just think I decided to turn pro," Frank told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

"We were going to do one more amateur, but what's the difference? Four amateur fights, five, all the same thing. Now I'm turning pro, get paid to do it, and it's not just about the money, but it's about doing it the right way."

"I'd love to get a Strikeforce deal. I want a Strikeforce deal. I keep talking about it all the time. I know my manager's talked to them briefly. It's just I want to build my record and do it the right way, and let me people know I can go more than one round."

"I've been studying (martial arts) since I was four years old. Yeah, I did the Power Rangers show. That might make Dana (White) snicker, or someone else snicker from another organization, 'oh it's just another guy trying it out.' This is my life. I live and breathe martial arts my whole entire life ever since I was four years old."

Jason Frank will make his professional debut on Aug. 4 at Puro Combate in Houston.

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cycklops site profile image  

7/29/10 7:44 PM by cycklops

who's not for this?

SilvasAreGood site profile image  

7/29/10 5:52 PM by SilvasAreGood

If he DOESN'T walk out to the power rangers theme, he's making a grave mistake. Talk about instilling fear in your opponent! Whenever that shit plays we all know the mighty rainbow hammer of justice is coming down.

JerseyJoeJitsu site profile image  

7/29/10 3:45 PM by JerseyJoeJitsu


BillyRayChubbs site profile image  

7/29/10 3:21 PM by BillyRayChubbs

 Epic Fight with Green Ranger WILL be Epic

Fake Pie site profile image  

7/29/10 2:16 PM by Fake Pie

Ref was kind of an idiot, no? He was trying to carefully extract himself without hurting the guy's arm and the ref just keeps shoving him and likely torquing the arm... is that right or am I seeing it wrong?

xxzygotexx site profile image  

7/29/10 2:13 PM by xxzygotexx

 Haha... I'll tune into his fights...

healzyou site profile image  

7/29/10 2:11 PM by healzyou

 He'd better keep his hands up

QTyp site profile image  

7/29/10 2:07 PM by QTyp

If he is in danger of being tapped or KOed, I wonder if he will call in his Dragon Zord. It would be hard to sneak in that flute dagger into the cage, so maybe his corner will have to do it. Seriously though, I would so mark out if he did.

MakeMeBleed site profile image  

7/29/10 1:10 PM by MakeMeBleed

no can defend

unique_devil site profile image  

7/29/10 12:56 PM by unique_devil

Won't be fair if he uses his powers.