All-American heavyweight wrestler Rosholt prepping for MMA

by John Morgan | source:

Team Takedown boss Ted Ehrhardt revealed on Thursday to Radio that former Oklahoma State Cowboy jared rosholthas joined brother Jake, WEC lightweight contender Shane Roller, and UFC welterweight Johny Hendricks on the Team Takedown roster.

"We have signed a new fighter – Jake's brother, Jared Rosholt," Ehrhardt said. "He's a three-time All-American, and he finished second in nationals this year."

"He's around 265 when he's walking. We just now put him on all the BSN supplements and trying to do some mass building. He'll end up probably around 280, 285 pounds, and he's real fast. He runs like a 4.7 [40-yeard-dash]. I don't know, but I've heard he's bench-pressing around 700 pounds. He's big, he's strong, and he's fast."

A date for Rosholt's professional debut hasn't been determined.

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Madakira site profile image  

8/2/10 12:22 AM by Madakira

Sometimes people aren't used to being interviewed and get nervous. Maybe he just meant internet pounds.

BoondockJOSH site profile image  

8/1/10 2:24 PM by BoondockJOSH

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Tkelly647 site profile image  

8/1/10 2:18 PM by Tkelly647

Why do I get the feeling he's probably going nowhere?

eljamaiquino site profile image  

7/31/10 11:32 PM by eljamaiquino

LOL@ benching 700lbs! He also dates supermodels and has a 14 inch dong. He must be an OG member!

WheresBobbySouthworth site profile image  

7/31/10 10:46 PM by WheresBobbySouthworth

Thanks for the knowledge.I know making a transition to the NFL from any other sport is incredibly rare(Every year, you read about college BBall guys trying to replicate the Gates model). But I guess I kinda figured monster HW wrestlers have trained their whole lives at what is so essential to do as a lineman, push other guys around. I would think there'd be more success stories with pursuing wrestlers.Throw the sumo guy from The Replacements in with Neal while you're at it. Lol

frontrowbrian site profile image  

7/31/10 10:41 PM by frontrowbrian

 Cole Konrad got a look during training camp with the Jets as an Offensive gaurd but didn't make it. Tommy Rowlands, a former Ohio State wrestling star, had a look at the same time as Konrad. Neither made the team. Most recently Mark Ellis was invited to the Cleveland Browns mini camp but didn't pique their interest and he signed with Zinkin Entertainment and is at AKA now. 2010 NCAA Nat champ David Zabriskie from Iowa State was also at the mini camp with Ellis and didn't make it either. In the end, it's just incredibly difficult to become a football player overnight after not playing the sport for 4 or 5 years in college. Guys like Antonio Gates (basketball) and Stephen Neal (wrestling) are the exceptions to the rule.

WheresBobbySouthworth site profile image  

7/31/10 10:36 PM by WheresBobbySouthworth

You wonder why some of these high level HW wrestlers don't pursue an NFL career. I guess with Brock's relatively quick success and HW still lacking in true athleticism, they might find an easier path in MMA. But the type of functional strength these guys got from all their years of wrestling and their work ethic from wrestling training, you'd think they could make it in the NFL. Look at Stephen Neal, who beat Brock. He's been one of the best linemen in the NFL for years.

HELWIG site profile image  

7/31/10 10:30 PM by HELWIG

 LOL @ 700

gward armbar site profile image  

7/31/10 10:04 PM by gward armbar

well, he said that he heard around 700, that could be as low as 670-675, and with a bench shirt for a 1 rep max, with a 290lb dude as big and strong as a ncaa div1 athlete that is totally believable.

Hollywood Blonde site profile image  

7/31/10 4:38 PM by Hollywood Blonde

ttt for Giant Machine Rosholt