THQ may not release UFC Undisputed annually


Recently THQ blamed Red Dead Redemption for the relatively poor sales of UFC Undisputed 2010 when compared to the breakout hit of UFC 2009. Thankfully it now appears that they recognize there was a lot more to why the game faltered than just competition for dollars in the marketplace. While they don’t cite the quality of the game being an issue (actually referencing its 85 metacritic) what they seem to have realized is an annual UFC game may not be justifiable.

“We’re considering a longer development cycle—15, 18, 21 months, rather than annually.” (after releasing UFC Undisputed 2011)

When the initial sales numbers came out my ultimate conclusion was that UFC may be much better off as a bi-annual series. EA Sports has gone that direction with some franchises including Fight Night and the upcoming EA Sports MMA. It just didn’t seem likely THQ would go that direction considering similar complaints have been made over the years about the company’s WWE franchise. They have not only have continued to churn them out yearly but are now going to release a different licensed WWE game every six months.

“We put another 20-30 new fighters into the product this year, which brought the roster up. But you know, if you wanted to play as the top fighters, they were all in the 2009 product too. So it’s a little bit more difficult to give that clear reason to buy the 2010 edition. It might just be, for that less engaged consumer – the hit buyer – they’re just happy with 2009. Now, when we get to 2011 – and I know what’s in that – it’s going to be fantastic. People are going to want to buy it, and that’s the step forward. But annualization is tough.”

There are definitely a number of factors that went into the severe sales drop for UFC Undisputed 2010. Just one of them that I threw out there was how important roster turnover in yearly sports franchises may be and that UFC could not really be a beneficiary of that on a year-to-year basis. It appears that the company actually recognizes that as playing a big part and it is encouraging that they may stretch out the time in between each iteration. They have the ability to do so since there is no “season” and they can release a new version at any time throughout the year.

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Granpa site profile image  

8/11/10 12:03 PM by Granpa

Shitty game is shitty.

sleepernoob site profile image  

8/11/10 11:19 AM by sleepernoob

 You are correct. THQ rushed 2010 and the online was WORSE than 2009. -The lag was like playing on 56k modem. -The long loading of menus. It took 2-3 minutes just to see the leaderboards.  Then to add to this mess, THQ missed two major gameplay glitches that a lot of people abused online.   1. The omoplata cancel into a free standup. 2. Machida's takedown that is 100% gauranteed unless you are holding back on the Right Stick.   It took about 1 1/2 months for them to patch. By then I already moved on to another game.  

vruntson site profile image  

8/11/10 10:24 AM by vruntson

Successful games these days need great online playability. UFC 2009 was pathetic, lags to the max and for a fight game where timing counts......not good enough.2010, I have not purchased due to many game forums indicating that the lag issue has not been solved or improved.End result...this indicates a lack of care by THQ to pay attention to previous concerns and basically smacks of re-hashing the same game and asking $90 AUS for the poor experience. Reason for poor sales = extremely poor online playability.EA sports MMA venture will be able to take advantage now of THQ's lack of dedication and they will be the dominant MMA game in the market. Judging by EA's career mode....they have paid alot of attention to online forums.

KahL site profile image  

8/11/10 10:12 AM by KahL

And you never will.Reviewers barely play the games thoroughly unless they have personal exceptions. With fighting games of any sort, they're usually clueless and at most, dib dab in them for a little bit and then move on to the next title on their schedule.When you're sponsored heavily by the company products you review, how can anyone even take these "journalists" seriously?Cannibalistic.

Snakey site profile image  

8/11/10 9:38 AM by Snakey

Havent got time to start digging up all the others but here fact search for it on google for a good laugh.As for your friend do you really think he would jepordise his job by admiting to it? From what I have heard it is instant firing if you do.

EdSinister'sBottomBitch site profile image  

8/11/10 9:25 AM by EdSinister'sBottomBitch

One of my good friends going all the way back to elementary school helps run GameZone and does reviews, they got zero kickbacks and ads purchased in exchange for their favorable review.     

Tomato Can site profile image  

8/11/10 9:18 AM by Tomato Can

I appreciate the civil response. The thing is, I've clearly stated that I'm not expressing an opinion on the quality of the game, and that I've never played it. I'm simply saying that the evidence directly contradicts the "sales dropped off because the game sucks" point. The evidence says that most people DO NOT think the game sucks, and the idea that the UG is necessarily representative of the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people who bought the game is just silly.

CHalligan site profile image  

8/11/10 5:05 AM by CHalligan

 This excites me more than UFC Undisputed 2011. Has it been submitted to Apple yet?

Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

8/11/10 5:00 AM by Gokudamus stole my name

^^ all that including the other bugs and glitches like:Machida and others having an unstoppable takedown that made them horribly overpoweredthe omoplata glitch where you just canceled the move to get a free ticket back to your feetand of course the reversals, where you can spam them with no danger of losing stamina wich basically made the game an endless reversal spamming gameI never saw any of these issues mentioned in the reviews. But i should just disregard everything i know about a game i paid for and simply trust the reviewers like Tomato Can

Nathalie site profile image  

8/11/10 4:58 AM by Nathalie

Gotta face it, the bottom line is that it sucks cause they're posting that the sales bombed even after it was selling for 1/2 price. Bottom line is it just sucked.