Fight Football League debuts in Italy

by Jake Rossen | source:

There has to be some kind of perverse parallel universe to appreciate what must be going through the minds of the people attempting to bring you football with punching -- especially at the same time the NFL is taking aggressive measures to curb the number of concussions suffered by its players.

The Fight Football League (FFL) is headquartered in Italy and purports to draw its inspiration from an ancient Roman game called Harpastum. Players attempt to knock a ball through a goal but must withstand gloved strikes from opposing members in the process.

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Recent Comments »

amberlamps site profile image  

8/20/10 8:11 PM by amberlamps

pretty soon you will see washed up NHL enforcers in that leaque

EPGScott site profile image  

8/20/10 7:39 PM by EPGScott

If they put in real fighters who would just be enforcers and KO the other teams, it would be awesome. Has potential, thats for sure.

Fapping2Glamcock site profile image  

8/20/10 6:54 PM by Fapping2Glamcock

Can someone please explain how the fighting work?From the video it looks like just two guys that have beef atop in the middle of the field and start scrapping while the game continues in the background. Lol!

freelife site profile image  

8/20/10 4:22 PM by freelife

wondered why 85 people looked at my thread i just created and didnt respond. lol.

grenade site profile image  

8/20/10 4:12 PM by grenade

saw a full game.shit is raw as fuck. Some dude got straight up KTFO in a game.

Chaotic Neutral site profile image  

8/20/10 4:09 PM by Chaotic Neutral

the league is, not Crooklyn lol, just wanted to be clear.

Chaotic Neutral site profile image  

8/20/10 4:06 PM by Chaotic Neutral

trailer park trash lol

Fapping2Glamcock site profile image  

8/20/10 3:53 PM by Fapping2Glamcock

Ok I can't link this from my phone but check out this ffl hl with Roger huerta and Matt serra

Squared Circle site profile image  

8/20/10 3:53 PM by Squared Circle

 I propose "Fightball."


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