Dan Quinn vs. Aaron Brink

source: cagepotato.com

Pre fight interview (at about the 20:00 mark)


The fight

The World’s Most Craziest Man really did fight UFC vet and former reality TV star  Aaron Brink in some kind of bizarre-o “striking only” bout last night. Not to ruin it for you, but the results are sadly predictable for anyone who knows,  in general, what a bad idea it is to sanction a fight featuring A) A crazy man or B) A guy who just got out of jail. In this case, Dan Quinn falls into both categories.

Perhaps the California State Athletic Commission has some kind of minimum required amount of mental illness that must be present in the cage at all times, because some genius opted to let our man Sensei Cecil referee this bad boy. Homey plays it pretty straight during the first round, but then breaks out his patented karate chop to begin round two.  If you don’t want  further spoilers, don’t follow the jump until after you’ve watched the “fight.”

True to form, there seems to be some confusion about how and when this fight is supposed to end as well. After Quinn is knocked down and clearly finished early in the second, it looks for a little while like Peoples might let him continue. Then the “doctor” enters the cage and has a look. Shortly thereafter, the “ref” waves it off.

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5/18/12 9:10 PM by Seamus619


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5/18/12 5:15 PM by 32Hunter


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5/18/12 5:00 PM by Pride Rules


Voice of Pride Lady site profile image  

10/8/10 7:27 PM by Voice of Pride Lady

 The guy is a mentally unstable self promoting bastard. Yeah, I believe his stevia is cut with meth, I feel really bad for the guy, hopefully he keeps up the youtube thing and makes it big some how. Take Stevia nationwide playboy.

donttazemebro site profile image  

10/4/10 10:56 PM by donttazemebro

Why such harsh words for wolfman voice of pride Lady? lol.It has been speculated that dan the quinnman's "stevia" has been cut w/meth all along but I hope that is not the case.Think Dan will beat Vardell again?

Voice of Pride Lady site profile image  

10/1/10 11:22 PM by Voice of Pride Lady

 shut the fuck up dan the fagman, anyways, I met dan at his show and he has some serious scabs on his left shoulder that he had been picking at for long enough that there were dozens of scars where previous scabs had been. My first reaction was that he was on meth.  I love the guy because he is so unintentionally hillarious.  I just hope he finds happiness in whatever he does in life.

DanTheWolfman site profile image  

10/1/10 11:11 PM by DanTheWolfman

kinda scared and intrigued.....lol....last sparred Aaron a few times a year ago.

donttazemebro site profile image  

10/1/10 10:21 PM by donttazemebro

Dan training for the rematch w/Rick Vardell. Hopefully Vardell isn't too big for Dan now that he has leaned out and got fairly rippedDan also has a segment on the latest show

Dougie site profile image  

8/21/10 2:25 PM by Dougie

 Thank jeebus for the UG. There is no way I would have paid for that fight. I would have had to contact Chael Sonnon to get my money back if I did.

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

8/21/10 2:22 PM by Hong Kong Phooey

 Thats what happens when your ON THE BRINK