TapouT sold to billionaire Warren Buffett?

by Adam Lawman | source: /mmaprime.tv

MMA’s top clothing brand TapouT has been synonymous with the sport for over 10 years, but their future could hold many changes. Sources close to TapouT have told MMAPrime.TV that the company will soon announce that they are sold or being sold and that sales representatives have already been let go from the clothing company’s headquarters. The source also stated that the new buyer is possibly none other than reputed billionaire Warren Buffett.

TapouT was started by Dan Caldwell (aka “Punkass”) and the late Charles Lewis Jr (aka “Mask”) back in 1997. From it’s beginning in San Bernardino, CA to it’s current status as one of the most recognizable brands in popular culture, TapouT has become a multi-million dollar company and even spawned a reality television series which was aired on the Versus channel.

The recognizable faces of “Mask”, “Punkass” and “SkySkrape” were always noticeable at MMA events and have been a strong proponent for the continued growth of the sport, specifically the UFC.

Details of the purchase such as how much the company was bought for are not yet available at this time. Also, the current status of the remaining members is unclear, though we hope to have more information regarding all facets of this story as it comes to us.

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shootfightermike site profile image  

9/12/10 3:04 PM by shootfightermike

 what does the" mps" stand for on some of their shirts (mask, punkass, and skrape?)

frontrowbrian site profile image  

9/11/10 4:23 AM by frontrowbrian

 Last time i remember ''dork'' being used was Police Aacdemy Miami when they wrote DORK across Captain Harris' chest in sun screen.  What was that? 1987? 

Nanook site profile image  

9/9/10 1:32 AM by Nanook

Dork huh? LOL I haven't been called that since I was... hell, my daughter's age.But hey, thanks for noticing :)

Invisible Lats Syndrome site profile image  

9/9/10 12:07 AM by Invisible Lats Syndrome

Do they still make Tapout condoms?

Mike_in_CA site profile image  

9/9/10 12:07 AM by Mike_in_CA

How much $$$$$$$$$30mil50mil100mil ?

Shiloh site profile image  

9/8/10 11:50 PM by Shiloh

Youre a fucking dork.

Nanook site profile image  

9/8/10 5:04 AM by Nanook

Morale of this story: to those operating Internet sites promoting MMA news-- if you have a rumor, I don't give a rat's ass if it's the hottest ticket in the sports landscape, wait till everyone else publishes it first and get in line.Keep doing this and hope one day, people will turn to you like you're the almighty Oz with stories. When you do reach this point, be sure to flaunt it off and pound your chest every free opportunity you have, and be sure to snub your nose at those who try to reach that point by using the "I've got inside knowledge and you don't" card. You may not gain a damned lick of recognition, but you sure as hell will keep the almighty; who have the immediate, full, 100 percent truth off your ass.

Brock75thRanger site profile image  

9/7/10 8:40 PM by Brock75thRanger

doubt anything really changes other then the behind the scenes business stuff.The logo and name and reputation is the only thing that makes the company valuable.Would be stupid to change it all around.Probably can just get stuff made and imported for cheaper and have bigger retail and marketing connections that those 2 guys really couldnt or didnt care to tap intoTracy,your a beautiful assertive woman.Do what you do

Joel site profile image  

9/7/10 6:41 PM by Joel

lol @ this thread....tracy FTW.