Daniel Gracie back to MMA after four-year hiatus

by Ariel Helwani | source: mmafighting.com

"I can't just watch it. I was getting cranky because I wasn't fighting. Actually, I decided to take a little while from MMA because my English was terrible. I could talk but not teach jiu-jitsu, so I said, I have to learn to teach in English, because I know that my future is going to be having a jiu-jitsu school and teaching jiu-jitsu."

"My first fight was in PRIDE in front of 60,000 people. I didn't have any amateur fights; I didn't have any small event to start with. I was more scared about the people watching than the fight. I was like, 'Man, what am I doing here?' You know, 60,000 just for you.

"All those years, I didn't stop to train. I was training, but at the same time, I looked at people fighting and said, 'Man, I miss [it].' But I know that I am going to be there again and now is the time. I'm feeling stronger, I have more knowledge in MMA.

"I want to fight in the best shape of my life. And that is what I am doing right now. It's time to get back and it's time to get excited again."

"Because we belong there. Everybody is fighting there because of us. So why are we going to be out watching? That's impossible."

Gracie's return to MMA will take place on Nov. 20, but he wouldn't specify where and against who. It won't be at UFC 123, though, which also takes place on the same day.

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Recent Comments »

RNunberg site profile image  

9/20/10 2:45 PM by RNunberg

  Daniel showing his school and saying he's coming back.

tbarchard site profile image  

9/2/10 12:02 PM by tbarchard

The school is headed up by Juliano "Banana" Coutinho who is a Black Belt under Daniel. I am not sure how many students they have but yes they are year round. Great Jiu Jitsu at the Cape with some awesome instructors.Loco Lobo you call me a bitch again and I will choke you out (or atleast try...lol)

Wittsy site profile image  

9/2/10 11:58 AM by Wittsy

I'd like to see a reference that backs up that its not the UFC event on Nov 20th. Its kinda crazy for a significant promotion to go up against the big show.

JM2010 site profile image  

9/2/10 10:52 AM by JM2010

do u know daniel's relation to gracie family ???

Joe Rogan site profile image  

9/2/10 7:43 AM by Joe Rogan

Wow, even cape cod has a Jiu Jitsu school. That's fucking awesome.Are you guys down there year round? How many students do you have?

Loco Lobo site profile image  

9/2/10 7:22 AM by Loco Lobo

Daniel is an awesome instructor and a legit badass, he is also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.I am one of Daniels blackbelts and represent him on Cape Cod, if you are ever down vacationing come visit us at Cape Cod Fighting Alliance bitches.

JM2010 site profile image  

9/2/10 3:29 AM by JM2010

Ok, here is the only small bit of Daniel Simoes 'Gracie' i could find...."Carlson Gracie stopped 1993's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship by putting his gang on the mat to prevent the fights to resume. All because he did not agree with purple belt Daniel Gracie's win over his pupil Ricardo Rey Diogo. Conflict resolved only after his brother Carlinhos negotiated with him an additional fight between Daniel and Diogo to happen during that week in Carlson's gym. Diogo won the rematch, what made Carlson very pleased."So I am thinking if Daniel Simoes was a blood relative , then Carlson wouldn't have had this major issue. Although, Carlson did cheer for Wallid over Renzo, Ralph, Machado and Royce....But I doubt he would have made a huge deal if his pupil was beating by a family member.

JM2010 site profile image  

9/2/10 3:23 AM by JM2010

"1st of all, daniel simões isn't even a gracie. he uses the name just like belfort was compelled to do in the beginning of his career but since he found success, unlike simoes, he didn't needed to live under the gracie's name for the rest of his life." - some poster on Sherdog

JM2010 site profile image  

9/2/10 3:11 AM by JM2010

Can you find a source saying that his mother is a legit Graice or even Machado for that matter ? ? ? Everyone, and every site just says 'he's a cousin of renzo' , but nowhere to be found on the Gracie tree..Roger's mother is a Gracie, he's one the family tree... Vitor Belfort took the Gracie name at Superbrawl 2 to face UFC 5 vet, Jon Hess.. But that doesn't mean he is a blood Gracie.

Hunter V site profile image  

9/2/10 2:10 AM by Hunter V

If memory serves me correct, he is a cousin much like the Machados. Just took the last name for marketing.