Bader: Brilz showed holes in Nogueira's game

by David Herbert | source:

David Herbert: His boxing is very crisp. Do you feel confident standing with Nog? Are you confident you can KO him standing if need be?

Ryan BaderYes I do feel confident standing with Nog. He has great boxing, and great counter punches. The thing is, this is MMA and with 4 oz gloves on anything can happen. I feel that I hit very hard and have a good chin, so who knows a KO could happen.

DH: Do you think your wrestling will prevail over his BJJ?

RB: He is very good on the ground and I am very good at my wrestling game. I have fought many black belts in my career and train with even more. I have to be smart when I’m on the canvas with Rogerio. He is very slick but I believe my wrestling can neutralize his Jiu Jitsu.

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9/6/10 10:30 PM by Fake Rassler

LOL@you getting busted lying and having nothing to respond with except more pathetic forum clich├ęs. Are you aware of the irony in accusing others of 'whining' after making a bunch of posts demanding to know why those same people were still laughing at you?"Dude, why are you dissecting me?? STOOOOOOOOOOP!!"(several minutes later)"You whine like a little bitch!!"Bwahaha. LieMo, I'm only curious to know what your post above said before you edited it this time.

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9/6/10 10:20 PM by Titanium Rhino

Dude, you whine like a pitiful little bitch. Anytime you want to meet in person and talk your shit to my face, I will be more than happy to oblige. Until then STFU!

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9/6/10 9:37 PM by Fake Rassler

Nobody forces you to read my posts mocking you and your weak attempts at "journalism" either, but I guess you being a liar AND hypocrite isn't that surprising. ;)

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9/6/10 9:27 PM by Anomonis

If this thread had half as much content as bitching it would be epic

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9/6/10 9:17 PM by Titanium Rhino

Wait, what did I lie about? Is there some sort of rule about TTTing your own thread? I don't think I have ever done it more than 5 times on one thread. So sue me. WTF are you dissecting me for bro? If I annoyed you with that I am sorry. If you don't like my work, don't read it bro. Nobody forces you to click on the thread.

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9/6/10 4:30 PM by Thunderlips The Ultimate Male

Bader will dominate this fight.

Fake Rassler site profile image  

9/6/10 4:28 PM by Fake Rassler

Bader definitely has the power to stop Lil Nog on the feet, but he's a victim of his own low workrate and if he can't land his two punches standing he sometimes seems to run out of ideas. I think he'll shoot for points and if he gets hurt more than because he wants to fight on the ground, but I could be wrong.BTW, TTT for Titanium LieMo! LOL, WTF would you just lie like that for, bro? I don't get it at all.

doerksenfan site profile image  

9/5/10 4:43 PM by doerksenfan

Completely agree. I don't think it's as simple as saying 'look what Brilz did, Bader's a better wrestler with heavier hands', and that's that. Not to discount Brilz's performance, but very few expected that type of showing. A lot just knew that Brilz was a wrestler-type, not knowing he'd be that comfortable grappling head-on with Nog. You can't say Bader will be as comfortable playing in Minotoro's deadly guard. That doesn't even mentioning Brilz rocking Noguiera, which again, I think no one (including Nog) expected. So far, there's little indication that Bader could hang with Nog on the ground like Brilz did, and if they stay on the feet (which Bader likes), Nog is easily the best striker he's ever faced. Bader's game is no secret, and there are fewer surprises to expect compared to Brilz. I initially favored Bader, but thinking about it, I think Lil Nog has this.

Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

9/5/10 2:04 PM by Herring In A Fur Coat

When does Bader shoot off the bat?  Bader is gonna slug it out with Nog.

kiad site profile image  

9/4/10 9:57 PM by kiad

Fight starts. Bader shoots. Nog sprawls. Anaconda choke. ITS AAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL OVER!!!!!!!