WEC signs first Chinese fighter for Sept. 30 event

by Jason Cruz | source: mmapayout.com

In a press release sent out Friday the WEC announced the signing of Tiequan “The Mongolian Wolf” Zhang of Beijing, China. He is the first fighter from mainland China signed by the WEC.

Zhang will fight TUF alum Alex Karelexis at WEC 51 in Bloomfield, Colorado on September 30th.

According to the WEC Press Release:

Boasting a perfect record of 16-0, Zhang trains with China Top Team, a group led by former Brazilian Top Team member Ruy Menezes. His arrival in the WEC is a milestone not only for the organization, but also for Chinese mixed martial artists.

Payout Perspective:

The signing of a top Chinese prospect is a logical step in the globalization of MMA. After the UFC announced it would establish operations in China with its offices in Beijing, it was only a matter of time that the UFC/WEC sign a fighter from China. This move will entice many Chinese fans to tune into WEC 51 (if they can) to see how Zhang will do against top competition. The signing of Zhang should create more interest in the Chinese fan base similar (but on a much smaller scale) to how Chinese fans were drawn to the NBA when Yao Ming first played in the NBA. The signing is a small step in a bigger plan for Zuffa to create inroads into the Chinese market.

For the WEC, it will help bolster a packed card in hopes of gaining viewership on Versus.

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Beeza site profile image  

9/5/10 9:21 PM by Beeza

 Zhang's opponent, literally, walked into a triangle. That was kooky.

saerbarnet site profile image  

9/5/10 9:13 PM by saerbarnet

Just another step towards China taking over the world!

BARBARlAN site profile image  

9/5/10 9:06 PM by BARBARlAN

tttgo china!

funk samurai site profile image  

9/5/10 10:57 AM by funk samurai

I hope the rumors of UFC buying AOW were bullshit. That's all we need is for Zuffa to buy another good MMA promotion and destroy it. Bullshit cage, and point fighting wrestling rules

Ray Elbe site profile image  

9/5/10 10:41 AM by Ray Elbe

That fight was almost 3 years ago. Karalexis is a good opponent for Zhang. The Submission Grappling techniques are what most of the Chinese fighters have been lacking in their MMA games. Zhang is pretty well cross trained now, and has been training full time since his days at Art Of War. His recent win over Welterweight Daniel Digby was an impressive showing at Legends FC in Hong Kong. Wu Hao Tian, Hai Lin Ao, He Peng are a few other talents from China to keep an eye on.

Steve4192 site profile image  

9/5/10 10:17 AM by Steve4192

From what I saw in the youtube clip above, he's going to have a hard time winning in the WEC.  His opponent was completely clueless yet still managed to reverse him from half-guard with ease.  If he gives up position like that in the WEC, even against a middle-of-road guy like Karalexis, those guys are going to put a hurting on him.

Ray Elbe site profile image  

9/5/10 9:29 AM by Ray Elbe

I've seen this guy fight live a few times--he's a legit purple in bjj and a pretty big LW--good prospect. China has 2-3 other fighters that could compete at the UFC level right now...

Otsuka site profile image  

9/5/10 9:18 AM by Otsuka

No such thing as PPV in China. It'll be on cable or broadband TV just like it is in Hong Kong, Philippines, and other Asian countries where UFC is shown.

cnAKA site profile image  

9/5/10 12:02 AM by cnAKA

my god this idiocy

Dexter Morgan site profile image  

9/4/10 11:24 PM by Dexter Morgan

china is a huge market.. if mma can take off there.Most people in China only earn $100 per month.Ordering a PPV would take half of their income.