Hearing set for Mike Whitehead on sexual assault charges

by Dave Toplikar | source: lasvegassun.com

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for later this month for mixed martial arts fighter Michael "Iron Mike" Whitehead on charges of sexually assaulting a woman last April in his home in the southwest Las Vegas Valley.

The preliminary hearing will be at 9 a.m. Sept. 28 before Justice of the Peace Tony Abbatangelo in Las Vegas Justice Court. The hearing was to have been in August, but was delayed, according to court records.

Whitehead, 29, who is out of custody, voluntarily turned himself into detectives April 14 following an incident the previous Saturday, April 10, in which a woman filed a police report indicating the MMA fighter had assaulted her.

The woman told police that she and a friend had gone to Whitehead's home for a barbecue, then after drinking, decided not to drive home, according to a police report.

The report said Whitehead told the women that they could sleep in his bed.

One of the women said she awoke to find her pants down and Whitehead having sex with her in the bed. Although she repeatedly demanded that he stop, he didn't for about three minutes, according to the police report.

After the alleged incident, Whitehead sat in a chair in the bedroom, police said. The second woman, who had been next to the woman on the bed, said she witnessed the alleged assault, according to the police report. The second woman alleged that Whitehead groped her during the incident, the report said.

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4/15/12 10:48 PM by kanodogg2

Gotta let him finish

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4/15/12 10:11 PM by Lord Humoungous

Sad thing is that is very common.I know one girl who was going to press charges against a buddy of mine cause they had drunken sex.5 minutes talking to her she was laughing saying how she must have liked it.She was just embarrassed cause my buddy was a Tool.She didn't press charges thankfully.I had a sorta close call myself YEARS ago.I had a kegger at my apt halloween and this drunken sorta slutty chick waitress who worked with my buddy passed out in my bed after hanging all over me and everybody.I crawl in bed drunk as hell to pass out and start rubbing her hiney while passing out.She wakes up starts moaning and instantly throws her hand on my junk down my pants.Net thing u know her underwear is down and we are doing some heavy petting.This goes on for like 15 minutes with her moaning like crazy and telling me how could i am and im gonna make her cum..etc etc.By this time I have to pee so bad from all the beer i tell her i have to go.She then says "who are you?" which i'm like "Uh the guys bed you just passed out in and shoved your hand down his pants." she then gets up and leaves my room and crawls on the couch with my buddy.I just end up passing out.Next day I give her a ride home cause everybody left my apt and during she asks me "did u hit on me last night?" I tell her that i rubbed her butt but she rolled over and started molestering me.She kinda laughed and was like "I musta been horny i get that when i drink beer"...anyway i talk to my buddy days later and he tells me she crawled on the couch and started giving him a handjob and was all rev'd up..bad thing was she was going around work telling people i tried to rape her but she left the room..Luckily my buddy called her out on what she was saying and admitted that she did fool around with me and knew it was me but didn't want him to think she was a slut cause she liked him thats why she stopped and crawled on the couch with him...scary man...

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4/15/12 9:34 PM by TOAO

The girl was probably drunk and found out she slept with him, and wasnt too happy with her decisions.

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4/15/12 9:10 PM by BeeTrain

"Whitehead reached an agreement with Clark County prosecutors to make a no-contest plea. On September 12, 2011, he pled no-contest to the charges and faced up to 20 years in prison.[8] On January 19, 2012, Whitehead was sentenced to one to four years in prison.[9]"W/good behavior, he should be out within 9 months

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4/12/12 1:33 PM by jkkazmier


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4/11/12 7:42 PM by NoNameNoSlogan

What happened?

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5/19/11 3:51 PM by PrideGP is The GAME


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4/27/11 4:01 PM by mikedudikoff

No means yes. Yes means anal!!!!

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4/27/11 3:03 PM by frontrowbrian

the case is going to trial in August.  

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4/27/11 2:14 PM by NoNameNoSlogan

Any update on Mike?