Reinhardt comments on bout vs Chinese fighter

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Representing USA against China! Whos' with me?

From: Jason Reinhardt
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Sept 30th in the WEC, in Colorado. I will be fighting Undefeated 16-0 Chinese fighter. (do not know how to spell name) He faught in a lot of Art of War events. I took this fight on a 3 week notice, and have been training my ass off, at Spencer Fisher's camp with Canadian UFC fighter/coach Jeff Joslin! (Joslin is un-believable, and now i know the reason Spencer brought him into his camp) Guys, I will not let my Country down, and I'm more mentally ready than i have ever been in my career. I have to win. There is no other fuckin option. period! Jason Reinhardt


not making it nationalistic, just representing my country with Pride, as i expect him to be. We are all one!


greggy, Right on brotha! I honestly do not even pay attention to ones nationality. I make my own opinions of what kind of person they are. Not what country their from. But on Sept 30th you can bet your American ASS I'm representing USA with Pride, and all the Troups who keep us safe! Jason Reinhardt

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insomnia site profile image  

9/13/10 1:43 AM by insomnia

You're guaranteed a win and a loss regardless!

HULKSMASH site profile image  

9/12/10 7:48 PM by HULKSMASH

Don't stare at me like that, brah...

JT42382 site profile image  

9/12/10 7:36 PM by JT42382


JamalH site profile image  

9/12/10 7:32 PM by JamalH

Nice troll on how this isn't "nationalistic" and all..

Musashi site profile image  

9/12/10 7:26 PM by Musashi

Done. But it seems to be spreading like a virus. haha

JOB site profile image  

9/12/10 7:18 PM by JOB

What has 9/11 got to do with a mixed martial arts bout between an American & Chinese fighter? Stick your nationalist agenda up your arse, dipshit - and stop abusing the loss of 3000 innocent lives to justify archaic nationalist bollocks..In any case...Jason - best of luck in your fight. I've never heard of this guy - But he's a purple belt in BJJ, and has a mongolian wrestling background, along with Sanshou. Look for him to be able to mix it up on all levels. 8 wins by submission, 3 by ko - none gone to decision.

Jason Reinhardt site profile image  

9/12/10 6:40 PM by Jason Reinhardt

I really appreciate everyones support! It's nice to be back!

Kirik site profile image  

9/12/10 6:37 PM by Kirik

Rough em up man!!!

Fake Rassler site profile image  

9/12/10 5:39 PM by Fake Rassler

sounds like someone failed economices 101, weve been at war with china since nixon bro. hustle or die because charlie chan is on the grind 24/7 and he just hacked into your bank account to