Meltzer comments on Shine Fights commentator


"Beau Taylor is a freakin' goof on the internet, you know, whose main claim to fame is that he goes on the internet and he makes up completely fabricated stories... he was the guy who made up the Kimo death... The thing is, what is he doing, you get some clown... you know he's doing colour commentary, a guy whose main claim to fame is that he goes on the internet and makes up completely fake stories and then brags about it and then people go, " Oh man, look at you, you fooled people". It's like Jesus Christ, that's the guy you make for your colour commentary?... He may have been good for all I know, but just when I heard he was the colour commentator, I was like, "Oh My God". It's just crazy. "

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DrHarryballzonya site profile image  

1/23/15 8:16 AM by DrHarryballzonya

If Meltzer thinks he's a clown and a good I wonder what dana thinks hahahah.

ShanTheMan site profile image  

1/23/15 8:14 AM by ShanTheMan

Got any plans later?

GCatMMA site profile image  

1/23/15 8:05 AM by GCatMMA

I see OMA is on the Mayhem Miller path

OMA (tm) site profile image  

1/23/15 8:00 AM by OMA (tm)

Nothing wrong w blowing dudes!

ShanTheMan site profile image  

1/23/15 4:05 AM by ShanTheMan

Funny thing is making up stories is what makes Meltzer's whole industry. OMA is entertaining so who gives a shit if he is a homosexual?

Megatherium site profile image  

1/23/15 3:59 AM by Megatherium

Ah, Meltzer is just jealous of Beau's bird's eye view!

Letibleu site profile image  

1/23/15 2:33 AM by Letibleu

  I thought Kimo was dead?  

sockeye site profile image  

1/23/15 2:28 AM by sockeye

Not such thing as bad press I guess

OMA (tm) site profile image  

1/23/15 2:27 AM by OMA (tm)

That pic was taken right after I sold them Meth!