Saunders also wants shot at Daley


Who would like to see a fight between me and Paul Dailey? I think he is a great fighter and that fight would be str8 up fireworks. Someone needs to get in touch with him an Shark Fights and make this happen!

19 minutes ago

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GodSaveTheQueen site profile image  

9/14/10 8:54 AM by GodSaveTheQueen

Paul Daley's takedown defence looked WAY better in his fight against Shields than did Hendo's .

madmav site profile image  

9/14/10 6:34 AM by madmav  

fabes site profile image  

9/14/10 6:26 AM by fabes

Love to see it. WAR BERSERKER!

sureshock site profile image  

9/14/10 6:01 AM by sureshock

Ben would get lit up like a christmas tree and then he would turtle up and ask why the ref stopped the fight.Does he think that his Thai boxing is better than Daley's? He would get smoked son.

FloridaStriker site profile image  

9/14/10 2:06 AM by FloridaStriker

When you have no real argument. Dropping "wow" in your post doesn't make it any less DUMB Just a FYI

BzGrappla site profile image  

9/14/10 1:42 AM by BzGrappla

there is an obvious reach advantage, what do u mean who cares? wow .Beat the shit out of smaller fighers like wolfe, and marcus davis.. He will just try the thai clinch with the small guys. however it would even matter with daley. Daley would win lose to SWICK .. Fitch all over 6ft 1. same reach.. guys his size

Paul Benjamin site profile image  

9/14/10 1:30 AM by Paul Benjamin

 Semtex, left hook, KO....

NailedtotheSky site profile image  

9/14/10 1:27 AM by NailedtotheSky

Would be an awesome fight, one the better fights I can think of at 170 outside of the UFC right now.

Mma_Dawg site profile image  

9/14/10 1:20 AM by Mma_Dawg

 who cares how tall they are when they weigh the same?

Poindexter site profile image  

9/13/10 9:12 PM by Poindexter

 Saunders would knee Daley's forehead into bolivian.  For sure.