Stallone teases about Rocky MMA remake


  1. The New Rocky... Update it with a young man with modern problems ,but he would not be called Rocky, just the philosophy would be used.
  2. I would not be in it... It is an modern extension of the heart and philosophy . MMA too.
  3. I am only joking about the new Rocky . Never happen. I owe my life to that noble little character and would never diminish that for $$$$ .
  4. Yet a great MMA film should be done at once ... Love must be the central theme like my buddy Rocky experienced. Pleasure/pain= LIFE

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thedarkknight9 site profile image  

9/15/10 12:36 PM by thedarkknight9

rocky is the best series of movies everi would watch rocky fight over high blood pressure pills in a retirement home...

JudOWNED site profile image  

9/15/10 12:09 PM by JudOWNED

No sweat man. Just using some hyperbole. But seriously, the "get your ass kicked, train and come back to win" is a pretty common theme.

JOB site profile image  

9/15/10 11:42 AM by JOB

Every single Rocky was great, except for 5 - which was still good because it is fucking ROCKY!!!

Nagster5 site profile image  

9/15/10 11:40 AM by Nagster5

Not Rocky. Or Blackbelt. Or Rocky 5. The only ones I can think of that do follow that story arc are NBD, a few of the Rockys, and the karate kid movies. but I don't watch a lot of MA movies.And that sounds like an interesting movie, i was just kidding.

sgavin site profile image  

9/15/10 10:39 AM by sgavin

Rocky 5 never happened. Any references about this movie that never happened should be treated as fiction or a bad dream. Please look at this bright light from the men in black.. Fact! Tommy Gunn only fights in the ring!

d3vil0ck site profile image  

9/15/10 10:26 AM by d3vil0ck

every rocky is good, ok? when i was a kid, 5 was awesome cuz of the street fight. now the movie is pretty meh, however, to say anything after rocky 3 sucks is dumb... rocky 4! big russian, cmonnnn, doesn't get better than that

BigWilliam site profile image  

9/15/10 10:06 AM by BigWilliam

Rocky Balboa was the best since the first one. But they chickened out on the ending. He should have died in the ring.

JudOWNED site profile image  

9/15/10 9:27 AM by JudOWNED

Not really. Not even very close, other than that the kid gets his ass kicked, learns MMA and comes back to win. And that, fren, is the plot of EVERY martial arts movie. lol

Dempster site profile image  

9/15/10 9:05 AM by Dempster

The Story of Drew Fickett would make a great template for a movie.

Nagster5 site profile image  

9/15/10 8:56 AM by Nagster5

This is never back down.