Lister check-ins from Croatia, in camp with Cro Cop

by Dean Lister | source: The Underground

From:  DeanLister
Posted: 2 hours ago
Member Since: 8/24/03
Posts: 261
What up everyone??

training here good and lots in Croatia, just checkin in.

Any of my team from San Diego that check here please email me and stay in touch,, lost my phone and somehow can't log into FB. So I'm outta touch with everything in USA. Missed the UFC fight night and everything.

lol hopefully this isn't the "wrong forum" or something

From:  DeanLister
Posted: 31 minutes ago
Member Since: 8/24/03
Posts: 262
Anarkis2, lol no Marquardt was very strong and had a great strategy with a great coach, wouldn't say he felt "greased" at all.

Voice of Pride Lady..... 16 year old hookers?????? LOL

gokudamus stole my name - yeah Mirko is in shape and looking good.

Danthewolfman _ ja mislim do Hravastska je jako teschko???? haha I'm learning a little but very hard. No too much Diskotechas here. But I have gone to Gallery and Piranha Diskotechas

Frankiscool - food here is good, especially BBQ Lamb.

read entire thread...

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9/19/10 5:06 AM by BrentP

 Wrong Forum Asshole.... Sorry, couldn't help it.

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9/19/10 4:28 AM by Tru

 ttt for dean

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9/19/10 3:19 AM by jman

Thanks for posting on here, good luck with everything, always pulling for you in every fight I watch you fight.One question. I heard somewhere that you had a photographic memory, is that true? That sounds pretty cool, if true does it help you with other stuff like learning new languages or music stuff?

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9/19/10 2:39 AM by JimmersonzGlove

 Thanks for posting Dean.

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9/18/10 10:23 PM by copox

First of all, I have to tell you to expect some pics directed to the UG sooner or later. From Dean that is. Y'all will get a special message, but I believe he's busy right now doing something more important, if you know what I mean.All I can say, we don't get a lot of world known grapplers around here, and I've never expected somebody of that caliber to be as fan friendly as Dean is. I really appreciate the time he's took to speak to me and wish him all the best. He also gave me sth like a trading card and told me to keep in touch which I thought was pretty cool.Also I have to mention him insisting to keep talking in Croatian to me, doing a pretty good job.Anyway, The Boogeyman je dobro i pozdravlja vas sve, right Dean?

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9/18/10 11:11 AM by Ya Mon

Dean you for sure have the way with the ladies. Your ex though was just on another level. I remember being in the elevator with you and your ex at ADCC in Jersey. She was going to the pool in that bikini and I was doing my best not to stare :-) But man that was tough....Lucky man to be going back to San Diego. No better place on this planet that So Cal... None... Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. Dean = class act. Croatia is know for its cheese on toast. mmmmm.. cheese on toast!!!

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9/18/10 11:06 AM by TampabayMMA

For more laughs, ask Mirko, in total seriousness, if theyre any good pelivan wrestlers in the area.

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9/18/10 3:57 AM by IrishRottie

cro cops eye injured dean?