Shine Fights may block Aurelio DREAM fight

by Steven Marrocco | source:

Marcus Aurelio says a daily regimen of physical therapy and diet changes have alleviated the effects of an elbow injury that forced his exit from the "Shine Fights: Lightweight Grand Prix" event earlier this month, and is now fight-ready and will take on DREAM lightweight champ Shinya Aoki in a non-title fight at DREAM.16.

Aurelio raised a few eyebrows when he withdrew from Shine's Sept. 10 fight card shortly after the promotion told him he needed permission to fight Aoki on Sept. 25.

Shine Fights' COO Jason Chambers told that his promotion would not move to block the Sept. 25 booking if the fighter could produce documentation of his injury.

Today, Chambers said Shine still is waiting on that documentation and will decide Tuesday whether to give Aurelio the green light.

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jjj2121 site profile image  

9/20/10 8:54 PM by jjj2121

 So did anyone with a functioning brain.

iDaz site profile image  

9/20/10 8:49 PM by iDaz

Yeah well if Shine fights wasn't unregulated and shopping commission to commission before finally settling on an indian burial ground or pet semetary or some shit.... I wouldn't fight for them either! PS:  (In typical UG fashion): War AURELIO!

Maximus77x site profile image  

9/20/10 8:44 PM by Maximus77x

I called this one the day they announced he was injured.

BJJkilla site profile image  

9/20/10 8:31 PM by BJJkilla

he's going to get paid more in japan (if DREAM has there shit together), can't blame him or say anything bad about taking the bigger fight with a bigger payoff than fighting in a smaller promotion and risk a suspension.

Peckerwood site profile image  

9/20/10 8:24 PM by Peckerwood

SOOO obvious....lets' see...fight in a crap show (SHINE) in a tournament and probably not get paid...or fight in Japan against Aoki and probably not get paid on time?I know which one I'm choosing.

Thanks4_SN_BJ site profile image  

9/20/10 8:17 PM by Thanks4_SN_BJ

Haha he heals quick! I too hope Aoki subs him!

HogWatcher site profile image  

9/20/10 7:38 PM by HogWatcher

Shine wont be happy, but do they really want all the bad pr of going to court over this? It would spotlight all the problems they have had as an org.

Mike F site profile image  

9/20/10 7:31 PM by Mike F

Aurelio fighting Aoki is a plus for Shine no matter how you cut it. With a win, it only raises their credibility when he does fight for them. With a loss, they still have a very experienced fighter on their roster with that much more exposure. Not to mention the PR from it. Right or wrong contractually it will only fuel the fire of the negative campaigns against Shine and will continually be brought up in future shows. Even if Aurelio made the whole story up, or ends up not providing proof for whatever reason, the MMA public will not embrace Shine as the good guy. For the fact that it's a good fight I hope it happens. It only legitimizes Shine's fight roster that much more if it happens whether he wins or loses. The upside is far greater than the down.

AceAtGSU site profile image  

9/20/10 7:22 PM by AceAtGSU

If Shine is really all about the fans and making what the fans want happen, they should let him fight Aoki, because that is what we want to see.Plus if they have a contract and let him fight and he wins, when he fights for them it will be a draw. And it isnt like Shine has never done anything shady ethically, or contractually.

Morning Bell site profile image  

9/20/10 6:45 PM by Morning Bell

good for aurelio. shine is a fucking joke.