Fedor in talks to face Sambo's Blagoi Ivanov

source: daobg.com

Fedor's manager Vadim Finkelshtein has offered one of the directors of the bulgarian mma federation Luben Djubrilov to make possible a future mma bout between the bulgarian sambo fighter Blagoi Ivanov and Fedor Emelianenko in a fight that will take place in Moscow in October 2011.

According to Djubrilov's words : "The negotiations continues. The fight can happen but not at all costs, only if Blagoi is in the best sport shape.We have an excellent communications with Blagoi's manager Ivailo Gocev."

Read entire article... (in the original Russian)

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Caught_clean site profile image  

9/20/10 10:21 PM by Caught_clean

Of course Fedor has more cans on his record then most HWs in the UFC... might because he has more then triple the fights then half of them and been fighting twice as long...

TimeToCrush site profile image  

9/20/10 10:20 PM by TimeToCrush

Take away the unranked fighters on Fedor's record and Brock still has to beat 9 straight ranked opponents just to match Fedor's top 10 wins. lol

TimeToCrush site profile image  

9/20/10 10:13 PM by TimeToCrush

Also has the most top 10 wins of any other ranked HW except Nog (whom Fedor destroyed when Nog was in his prime). His record is unprecedented and won't be reached for a long long time. Man, 30+ wins and he never lost to the cans he did fight like other top P4P fighters. His legit loss and perhaps future losses will only come from top ranked heavyweights. He's the greatest of all time without question. I'm just thankful to God I got to watch most of his career as it happened.

inf0 site profile image  

9/20/10 10:08 PM by inf0

this just in, Fedor is going to rematch HMC for new years eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Junior Jr site profile image  

9/20/10 9:40 PM by Junior Jr


Rib Crusher site profile image  

9/20/10 9:28 PM by Rib Crusher

look, can't fredo just fight bob sapp and jose cansecocould you imagine if fredo signed with the ufcjoe silva " i am thinking about matching you up with cain velazquez"fredo "I would think a match with Beltran the Mexicutioner would be a fight the fans want."finklestein "hey fredo, what is your ATM code again?"

socal site profile image  

9/20/10 8:52 PM by socal

goes under that who cares column

Quick5pnt0 site profile image  

9/20/10 8:49 PM by Quick5pnt0

Sounds like a massive waste of time.

WatchinMMA site profile image  

9/20/10 7:55 PM by WatchinMMA

excellent post! fedor has more cans on his record than any other ranked HW.. no question  

Graceful Kauto site profile image  

9/20/10 6:54 PM by Graceful Kauto

One last thing before I go: (I love how the guys who would suck Fedor's balls simply will not admit how pathetic and what a shambles this whole thing is and simply pick and choose what to argue instead of addressing the key point in hand)Dana wanted to make an example of Lesnar. He didn't get big named opponents because he asked for them - he got them because Dana wanted Brock to get destroyed so he could do to Brock what he did to Toney..........tell everyone that this wasn't fake, this was real and that's why Brock got hammered. You think Dana would put Lesnar, a wrestler with no BJJ, in with Mir, a former champ with a good ground game, if he wanted him to win? LOLZHomo - your excuse for your boy (who doesn't give a shit about you or any other fans) choosing to NOT fight the best was that he would have had to sign a 'SLAVE' contract. This tells everyone all we need to know.Oíche mhaith duit amadán (arís eile)