Sherk, Dunham, Mitrione, Beltran, Dollaway earn $70K awards

by John Morgan and Dann Stupp | source:

Sean Sherk, Evan Dunham, Matt Mitrione, Joey Beltran and C.B. Dollaway each earned $70,000 fight-night bonuses for their performances at Saturday's UFC 119 event.

Dollaway picked up the "Submission of the Night" bonus, and two "Fight of the Night" awards were issued to the competitors involved in the Sherk-Dunham and Mitrione-Beltran contests.

Despite securing the lone knockout of the evening, former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir was not awarded a "Knockout of the Night" bonus. learned of the award winners and bonus amounts while at the post-UFC 119 press conference.

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rusty balls site profile image  

9/26/10 2:39 AM by rusty balls

I am sure the moneys pays its price but the event does deliver even when fighters do not

BUFFGEO site profile image  

9/26/10 2:38 AM by BUFFGEO

That fight was boring because of Mir not CrocopSerra/Lytle was the ONLY fight worth watching on that whole card, they both always put on a show

letsgobois site profile image  

9/26/10 2:37 AM by letsgobois

God brahmabull81, you've got me so fired up I'm going to go to the gym to work out my frustration!!!!! I'm gonna imagine holding you up against the cage until herb dean breaks us up while I'm pumping me iron!!!!1!

MDubz site profile image  

9/26/10 2:36 AM by MDubz

Who cares if he's to blame for it being boring, at the end of the day, he still knocked him out. Jesus, you guys boo fights after KOs now? Lame.

brahmabull81 site profile image  

9/26/10 2:31 AM by brahmabull81

No ones saying Crop Cop deserves shit, bud.Frank held him up against the cage when he could have actually done something for large portions of the fight, so it was largely his fault. He would only engage with his stupid ONE combo he throws and would then clinch up and rush to the cage. Every time. He is to blame just as much if not more than Cro Cop.

homo sapient site profile image  

9/26/10 2:25 AM by homo sapient

 ufc criminally underpays its fighters the problem is there is no true competition ufc has the ysa market cornered and the only mma company out there making solid profit, the rest like bellator and strikeforce are struggling to stay in business since there is no competition ufc can severely underpay their fighters right now and get away with it that is the reason top boxers gets tens of millions of dollars as compared to top ufc fighters while pulling similar ppv numbers that's why it doesn't matter if you purchase or pirate the next ppv, ufc is basking in profit and all that profit is going to zuffa, not to fighters  

letsgobois site profile image  

9/26/10 2:25 AM by letsgobois

I don't see why Frank should be getting docked anything, Crocop was the stale dancing partner. What did he do at all in this fight other than fall asleep at the end?

brahmabull81 site profile image  

9/26/10 2:23 AM by brahmabull81

I dont get it though, a bonus is not part of the contract, its enticement through positive reinforcement. I dont think he should HAVE to get it if he performed that badly. should go to paying back people who want refunds instead, since we pay Danas way through life and are thus more important.Think of it as... Frank got docked about as much $ as he woulda if yellow cards were in play.

letsgobois site profile image  

9/26/10 2:21 AM by letsgobois

Cro-cop will be cut/will retire, Hunt will be cut

Momentum site profile image  

9/26/10 2:19 AM by Momentum

I think Frank should have received the bonus. The bonus is paid for the knockout, not the fight. My guess is that he will get the bonus. Dana was probably just pissed off (and rightfully so) for a lackluster main event. At least Frank tried to push the pace. Crocop did nothing the entire fight. He just seems to be a very different fighter than he was in Pride.