Cris Cyborg: Gina Carano lacks heart for the game

by Guilherme Cruz | source:

Guilherme Cruz: How are things on the United States? Are you back to the trainings now, after you “vacations” in Hawaii to celebrate your anniversary?

Cris Cyborg: It was cool, we stayed in Hawaii just chilling… Now we’re back to our routine, back to the trainings. I’m well trained actually, but I’ll just fight in January. There’s nothing set, but I believe it’ll be on January.

GCGina Carano was doing an important work on the growth of the female MMA on the United States, but then she “disappeared” since she was defeated by you. Some of her coaches said she might not even fight MMA again. How do you see it?

CC: What happened was that Gina was used to win all the time, but then she lost that fight. In my opinion, she should keep training. To lose is something that happens to everyone. I believe she lacked heart to keep on doing it. MMA is growing more and more, with or without her… Of course it’d be better with her, but other girls will come. Strikeforce’s investing on women, there was a belt dispute between Marloes Coenen and Sarah Kaufmann, and it was a good fight, it proved that women also have good techniques. I thought I was a better fight than the bout between Nick and KJ Noons… They just did the exchange part, while the girls did the stand-up game and also the ground game. We’ll have our own place there.

GC: After you beat Gina there were rumors that you’d pose to Playboy, and last month you and Cyborg had a naked photo shooting to ESPN magazine on the US… How was it like?

CC: Actually, on the magazine we were naked, but you couldn’t see anything. The main part was kept in secret (laughs). I really got naked, it was but, but yet professional. Many Olympic athletes joined us, it was the first time that they photographed more than one person, it was always about one only person. I felt it was a privilege to be chosen, it was nice, opening more and more doors to MMA. The photos turned out to be good, not coarse.

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BuddyRevell site profile image  

10/20/10 9:07 PM by BuddyRevell

They asked Cyborg a question and she answered honestly without resorting to some politically correct BS. No big deal.

Entreri site profile image  

10/20/10 8:55 PM by Entreri

Gina tried her best, but Cyborg was far too much for her.Cyborg is pretty much unbeatable for now.

ArthurFonzerill site profile image  

10/20/10 8:28 PM by ArthurFonzerill

I think this was more of a "please comeback Gina so that someone will want to watch one of my fights" thing

Mix6APlix site profile image  

10/20/10 8:26 PM by Mix6APlix


Moth2Flame site profile image  

10/20/10 4:55 PM by Moth2Flame

I'm glad Cyborg spoke up. Maybe this will motivate Gina to come back quicker. But really who are we to judge if someone has heart or not?

ArthurFonzerill site profile image  

10/20/10 3:19 PM by ArthurFonzerill

yeah, focus on being the #2 fighter behind cyborg, or have a successful movie/tv/etc career...

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

10/20/10 1:51 PM by da Vinci 81

And here's a article on Sam Worthington, the leading man in Avatar - the highest grossing film of all time - and other blockbuster movies: if this guy is still struggling to pay bills after starring in three big budget films what makes you think Carano is making bank for her first low-budget film?

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

10/20/10 1:51 PM by RyannVonDoom

lol @ this.. she hasnt even been talking about MMA.. yet she is always mentioned.. Cyborg is just trying to get more out of Gina's name.   

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

10/20/10 1:38 PM by da Vinci 81

People who are famous outside of hollywood take initial movie roles in the hopes of what it could lead to. Nobody's going to pay them millions of dollars for their first movie unless they're incredibly famous already, which Gina is not. Why would they?

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

10/20/10 1:33 PM by da Vinci 81

Considering I'm arguing she's NOT making millions of dollars filming movies, yes. What part are you confused about?