Shine Fights taking fan suggestions for Fickett's next opponent

source: The Underground

From: Jason Chambers
Posted: 5 hours ago
Shine Fights, COO
Member Since: 9/18/04
Posts: 2455
Who do you want to see Fickett fight? (Not currently in the UFC)

From: Jason Chambers
Posted: 5 hours ago
Shine Fights, COO
Member Since: 9/18/04
Posts: 2456
Drew will be fighting on our next card and I have a list of opponents for him.

What match-up would you like? Lots of talents guys out there.

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QTyp site profile image  

1/6/11 9:43 PM by QTyp


MMAsurvival site profile image  

1/6/11 12:32 AM by MMAsurvival

So, I take it this entire event is cancelled? Including Ciesnolevicz vs. Rolles Gracie? Surprised Mike hasn't commented on what happened to his fight.

MMAsurvival site profile image  

12/13/10 5:19 PM by MMAsurvival

Any update to who Fickett or Escudero will fight? Shine Fights has been very quiet and the fight card is less than a month away. I figured a little promotion may be needed before January 8th. All I've seen is Ciesnolevicz vs. Rolles.

The Upgrade site profile image  

11/4/10 12:18 AM by The Upgrade

 top  .. Drew, I left a message today, Hit me back. 

Keith McKay site profile image  

10/31/10 11:43 AM by Keith McKay

Rich has something coming up, so he would likely be out of this anyway.Gunderson, Veach, winner of Rob Roy vs Warfield in November.

KenP site profile image  

10/31/10 5:04 AM by KenP


betterthanguns site profile image  

10/30/10 11:20 PM by betterthanguns

Yes Guns throwing his own name in. I love it. This would be a sick fight. Both have equal ground games but id have to give the standup to the Nightrider in this. Lets see this fight i know Guns would probably do it for 2 and 2.

John Gunderson site profile image  

10/30/10 10:14 PM by John Gunderson

I would entertain that fight...............

J A Yount site profile image  

10/30/10 7:15 PM by J A Yount

 Matt Veach

ohiostate1016 site profile image  

10/30/10 3:57 PM by ohiostate1016

Flavio Alvaro or Luiz Azeredo. Franca would be a good choice too. What about Yuri Villefort? And of course, Ricardo Mayorga