Askren: 'Lyman fought dirty as sh*t'

by Mark Bader | source:
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NJstileNJ site profile image  

10/25/10 2:05 PM by NJstileNJ

You are a fat idiot...Shields never stalls...he softens people up and submits them...

Platypus site profile image  

10/25/10 1:53 PM by Platypus

 Askren via ATM over most of the UG and the OG for that matter FACT!

ohferfuxsakes site profile image  

10/25/10 1:48 PM by ohferfuxsakes

 am a fan...thanks for the vid. Can't wait to see him learn striking.

bjjdna site profile image  

10/25/10 1:47 PM by bjjdna

"absolutely useless at fighting" lmao...good wrestling and position are "uselss at fighting" huh?...yea right...until you have a wrestler on top of you beating your ass downnever mind all the technique to get and maintain the mount...never mind devoting a lifetime to being the best at wrestling...never mind the fact that lyman was undefeated champ...never mind lyman was dominated the entire fight...etc etc yea ben is "absolutely useless at fighting"

supersonic site profile image  

10/25/10 1:40 PM by supersonic

I dont think Askren will ever have real strong GnP. Just doesnt have the pop, and no amount of training will change that.He should GnP to open up and flow to the sub game which he looks to be trying to do but just is not there yet.I do like watching his wrestling however.

MrWhitey site profile image  

10/25/10 1:38 PM by MrWhitey

I'm very sorry to all you pussy wrestlers that seem to think laying on someone constitutes beating them, but anyone who is unable to finish another person from full mount should not ever be referred to as a fighter. That was the lamest display I have ever seen. Good wrestling and position to be sure, but absolutely useless at fighting.

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male site profile image  

10/25/10 1:27 PM by Thunderlips The Ultimate Male

"Guys like Ben and Jake Shields play it safe and instead of going for serious GnP they pitty-pat out of fear of losting position."I don't think Askren has enough training, experience and seasoning in MMA to take full advantage of being in the mount. He seemed to have difficulty getting past Good's defense. He was not taking shots to the body or anything, just doing a lot of head hunting in that position. In time with the right training he will be able to take more advantage and pick his shots better once he gets dominant position.

bjjdna site profile image  

10/25/10 1:21 PM by bjjdna

no...what i mean by beat down is getting dominated via superior unstoppable grappling techniquetd, jitz, scrambles, position, and striking from the mountyou know...what's happened in everyone of askren's fights so far

piratepirate site profile image  

10/25/10 1:17 PM by piratepirate

If by beat down you mean ridden to a decision?  

bcolflesh site profile image  

10/25/10 1:12 PM by bcolflesh

There was no gouge - Mulhall said "watch the fingers in the eyes", when Good tried to sit up from under the mount and Askren put both hands on Good's forehead and pushed him down.