UFC tried to do Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Puder

by Dave Meltzer | source: f4wonline.com

Dana White ... offered Kurt (Angle) $2.50 per buy to fight Daniel Puder and Kurt turned it down, think about that for a minute

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Peckerwood site profile image  

10/25/10 9:38 PM by Peckerwood

Angle is laughable when it comes to mma. He talked and talked and talked about it but never had intentions of fighting. People finally quit interviewing him and caring about him in regards to mma a couple years ago.I would have demolished Puder on his worst day.

Hollywood Blonde site profile image  

10/25/10 8:46 PM by Hollywood Blonde

This offer was several years ago when Kurt's body was not as bad.

Polaris site profile image  

10/25/10 3:31 PM by Polaris

Kurts body is too wrecked.

RKing85 site profile image  

10/25/10 3:12 PM by RKing85

I would have loved to have seen Angle/Puder. As long as wasn't a main event or anything.

atikiN site profile image  

10/25/10 3:04 PM by atikiN

2.25m is what Kurt would make from a 900,000 buy PPV.

tempus site profile image  

10/25/10 3:01 PM by tempus

I assume I'm missing something but if it were 2.25M, wouldn't that be just a few bucks a ppv? MaybeI just don't understand. But if I'm reading this right then you mean to say 900,000 would be somewhere around 40 Million.

Alder Hiss site profile image  

10/25/10 2:55 PM by Alder Hiss

Bullshit he was offered that. Dana White's lie-o-matic machine strikes again.

kingsama site profile image  

10/25/10 2:52 PM by kingsama

once upon a time kurt could have been a force in mma, but those days are long gone and he knows it...

MountainMedic site profile image  

10/25/10 2:50 PM by MountainMedic

 he is wrecked and addicted to narcs. even as delusional as he is, he knows that mma would be humiliating for him-MM