UFC I veteran Art Jimmerson a trainer at newest UFC Gym

by Craig Devlin | source: fullmount.co.uk

Art "One Glove" Jimmerson has rejoined the UFC. The man who was brought into UFC 1 to represent his sport of boxing and came out wearing one boxing glove to protect his jab hand has returned to the organisation to once again showcase his boxing prowess as the personal boxing trainer at the new UFC gym in Rosemead California.

The UFC, opening its own branded gyms across the US, is keen to tap into the incredible pool of talent who have plied their trade inside the Octagon. With talent such as Mr Jimmerson on hand to train everyone from beginners to experienced pros it seems the UFC gyms will do very well.

Jimmerson, who despite losing to Royce Gracie at UFC was actually a highly decorated and respected boxer.

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William Colosimo site profile image  

11/1/10 12:09 PM by William Colosimo

I can tell by the "bad position" remark that you were not watching the sport in that era. It was a totally different mindset. Everything was uncertain and unknown back then. Nothing at all like today.

fightsfan site profile image  

10/31/10 7:59 PM by fightsfan

I was kidding, i.e being facetious about putting the glove on the other hand.....ANY SERIOUS OLD SCHOOL MMA'ER KNOWS IT WOULD NOT HAVE MADE ANY DIFFERENCE as all strikers with no ground skills got schooled...PERIOD!

deevlash site profile image  

10/31/10 7:40 PM by deevlash

Hey, to the chap who was asking if anyone had ever asked him why he wore the one glove etc, yes they did!Heres a link;http://www.fullmount.co.uk/index.php/mma-news/1-latest-news/739-art-one-glove-jimmerson-talks-james-toney-ufc-1

damaebushi site profile image  

10/31/10 12:21 PM by damaebushi

 I appreciate that.  Believe me, if the opportunity presented itself I would be all over it like Royce on Art.  I feel I would be qualified, since I have trained MMA or some aspect of it pretty much every day since UFC 2 and been trying to run a gym for some time now, and reffed, judged, and cornered a lot in the past.  Trouble is, I have only a very few experiences behind the mic on a small show up in MN, so don't have a lot of on - air presence, and there are a lot of more experienced, better known, more marketable fighters/ex-fighters out there that would probably be better received.   Respectfully: Fred

Evilzpet site profile image  

10/31/10 12:13 PM by Evilzpet

Jimmerson lost bc his ground game was shit, not because of that stupid glove (which didnt help). Sry but I can't take a guy seriously who tappped out due to "bad position".

William Colosimo site profile image  

10/31/10 9:31 AM by William Colosimo

iirc, he wanted to wear 2 gloves, but rorian told him that wasnt a wise idea (for grabbing purposes). art decided to keep a glove on his jab hand as that is the highest % punch in boxing and didnt want to damage it.

Tkelly647 site profile image  

10/31/10 6:05 AM by Tkelly647

The reason he didn't put his glove on his power hand was so it would hurt Royce more, he was also mostly a jabber, and he wanted to make sure his jabbing hand was ok for his boxing matchups  

joe bruce site profile image  

10/31/10 2:33 AM by joe bruce

haha thats cool, good for him. One glove sparring classes

Evilzpet site profile image  

10/31/10 2:05 AM by Evilzpet

Please elaborate on how putting the glove on his power hand would have allowed him to dominate the first 5 UFCs.

DiSmAnTLeR site profile image  

10/31/10 1:57 AM by DiSmAnTLeR

fred, theres been a lot of talk of an experienced fighter for a third commentator. you would be a positive addition to joe and goldie.