Herschel Wlaker vs Scott Carson on Dec. 4

by Loretta Hunt | source: espn.go.com

Herschel Walker will meet Scott Carson in a featured heavyweight bout at Strikeforce "Henderson vs. Babalu" on Dec. 4 at Scottrade Center in St. Louis, the promotion's CEO Scott Coker confirmed to ESPN.com on Friday.

The bout, which will air live on Showtime, will mark the 48-year-old Walker's second professional MMA bout. "The goal with Herschel's next fight is to put him in a little more competitive environment and let him test his skills," Strikeforce President Scott Coker said of Walker's bout.

Carson, 40, is 4-1 in pro bouts. In June, the Costa Mesa, Calif., resident was knocked out in the first round by Lorenz Larkin at a MEZ Sports-promoted event in Los Angeles. Carson accrued his career victories between 1999 and 2001, but said a back injury kept him out of the cage for the next 10 years.

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Recent Comments »

William Colosimo site profile image  

11/7/10 8:38 AM by William Colosimo

this will be the most watched fight on the card most likely.$$$

krundle site profile image  

11/7/10 8:08 AM by krundle

This makes me sad... I have been trying to get a fight with this dude for a year now. I am a 48 yr old ex hockey player(not NHL) 2-1 as a Pro in MMA and I am active and in good shape. His people say no to me (BJJ BB) but I would be a much better fight for him. (Alright I would be a tuff fight for him but it would be a legit fight) Goddammit!

Tkelly647 site profile image  

11/7/10 5:40 AM by Tkelly647

^Plenty of people do. But he's right, they're feeding this guy to Herschel so that his record will get beefed up and they can start acting like he's an awesome fighter. They sat down in a room and went, "Who doesn't have a bad record, but fucking sucks right now...THAT GUY"   

PoundforPound site profile image  

11/7/10 1:04 AM by PoundforPound

Herschel's life accomplishments and celebrity make him more than just a guy with a 2nd fight.

stlnl2 site profile image  

11/7/10 12:45 AM by stlnl2

True, but folks with 2nd fights, need to be in regional/local shows, fighting other regional/local level guys.

RyanWilcox site profile image  

11/7/10 12:18 AM by RyanWilcox

Walker brings attention and SF needs the press so whats the big deal. I'd rather see this fight then seeing some female fight being shoved down your throats.That being said, I would love to see Walker get smashed so we dont have to see him fight again.

PoundforPound site profile image  

11/6/10 11:56 PM by PoundforPound

I want to see Herschel fight, nothing wrong at all with having him be in the 1st or 2nd televised bout.

liquidrob site profile image  

11/6/10 11:47 PM by liquidrob

exactly, he will be on all the shows, fans who normally wouldnt watch will watchStrikeforce Miami is Strikeforce's 2nd highest rated show on Showtime behind Gina vs Cyborg, say what you want, he is a ratings boost

TravenBJJ site profile image  

11/6/10 8:09 PM by TravenBJJ

It is on the front page of ESPN, you tell me  

Slapsymaxi site profile image  

11/6/10 7:03 PM by Slapsymaxi

Is Hershel's 2ndfight going to attract any extra ratings, or media attention?Hasn't the novelty worn off?Max