Brock has some proving to do; Stone Cold says so

by Joey Esposito | source:

Joey Esposito: Do you follow MMA regularly?

Steve Austin: Oh man, I get every UFC Pay Per View there is.

JE: What’d you think of Brock’s loss?

SA: It was... man, Brock, I know him from my WWE days. Of course I was cheering for Brock. I think Cain had a great game plan and Cain’s a great fighter. You know, he took it to Brock. But I think the kind of gifted athlete that Brock is and the kind of mindset that he has, I think he’s going to go back home, I think he’s going to work on his striking game, I think he’s going to get used to being hit, and I think he’s going to come back and be stronger than ever. Now he’s got some proving to do. I’ll always bet on Brock Lesnar, he’s a great Pay Per View attraction, and he’s good for the sport. He’ll be back, and he’ll be a lot better of a fighter from this loss.

JE: I agree, he’s definitely elevated UFC to a whole new level of popularity, I think.

SA: And they’ve been good for each other. I mean, UFC has been good for him and he’s been good for it. But Brock’s a very competitive, driven, and focused guy. He’s going to go home and work on his striking and he’ll be back.
JE: Hunt to Kill reunites yourself with Gary Daniels and Eric Roberts who were also in The Expendables with you. Is that coincidence or is this something where you guys wanted to work on a new project together?

SA: You know what? We were looking for my partner, someone that could just come in and play that part real quickly, and I hit it off so well with Eric on The Expendables that man, I asked him, “Eric could you do me a favor and come up here and do this movie?” and he goes, “Absolutely, for you Steve.”

"And so, it was perfect for the role. And then I think we were actually trying to find an MMA guy to play the part that Gary Daniels ended up playing. The guy was battling some injuries and stuff like that, training for a fight, and they were looking for another guy, I said “Hey man, I know Gary Daniels who was on The Expendables who did a damn good job, and he’s an excellent fighter.” So I just gave Gary a call and he was just wrapping a movie up there in Detroit, and basically he just flew home to LA one day and then flew back out to Vancouver and did the movie. It was fun to work with Gary because we hit it off on the set of The Expendables, we were on the same team. As far as martial artists, you can’t find a better one than him.

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Internetmoron, I see your quite angry. Did I offend you by making a general statement about the overall state of the sport? Please get your accusatory statements and leave the board because not once did I say he wasn't a fan. I can tell you are just trying to put words in my mouth as a coping method for people always sticking their dicks in yours. If you actually read my post, thought about it, you'll see that I merely stated that many people think MMA = UFC. I never said or even implied that stonecold was not an MMA fan. I know reading comprehension is difficult for you but if you take it slow and read it out loud, you may be able to mildly grasp my very basic statement.

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Please explain to me what doesn't make sense. You got called out for being an idiot and now you're making an attempt at the fine art of deflection. You tried to act too cool for school by attempting to clown Stone Cold for not knowing MMA because he doesn't know who fought at the last fight down at the Armory, but instead you just showed that you are trying way too hard to fit in. Just go away.

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some good stuff in this thread