'Mr. International' Shonie Carter possibly retires

by Ken Pishna | source: mmaweekly.com

It’s not the way that any fighter wants to go out – on a five fight-losing streak – but that’s where MMA veteran Shonie Carter found himself on Tuesday in Israel. Following a hard-fought three-round loss to Israeli fighter Jeremy Knafo at the inaugural Israeli Fighting Championships, Carter stepped in the cage and called it quits.

“You may all have just witnessed my retirement, but it has been my pleasure to give this world, all of me,” he stated with tears in his eyes.

Carter has held titles in several promotions fighting everywhere from Extreme Challenge to King of the Cage to the UFC, WEC, Pancrase, SuperBrawl, and too many more to name here.

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Recent Comments »

OneScoup site profile image  

11/15/10 8:14 PM by OneScoup

He should get a spot on an MMA talk show if he doesn't already. Funny guy.

Immaculata site profile image  

11/15/10 7:37 PM by Immaculata

TTT for Shonie Pimp Slapping the correct!

HateMachine site profile image  

11/15/10 4:45 PM by HateMachine

This post is 90% pimp slap, 10% motivational speech.I'm going to drink some raw eggs and go for a run tomorrow.

Sagiv Lapkin site profile image  

11/15/10 4:24 PM by Sagiv Lapkin

 Unacceptable......Train Judo on your own time player......do not neglect the UG.

Train Judo site profile image  

11/15/10 3:50 PM by Train Judo

Trainin' Judo

Sagiv Lapkin site profile image  

11/15/10 3:47 PM by Sagiv Lapkin

 Where THE FUCK have you been Quincy?

Train Judo site profile image  

11/15/10 3:46 PM by Train Judo

I dont post much anymore, but Shonie fuckin rules and the verbal beatdown he just laid out was fuckin awesome...

The Kangaroo site profile image  

11/15/10 3:25 PM by The Kangaroo

Shonie is one of the coolest dudes youll ever meet. I met him at UFC 24, he was hanging out in the lobby at the hotel before the event, waiting for his suit to get back from the dry cleaners! He wasnt going to leave for the venue without his pimp suit! Anyways, for about an hour, we sat around talking shit. This was at a time when next to nobody gave a shit about the sport and you could tell he was fighting for the love of the game and wanted to be a good ambassador for the sport. He went out of his way to be cool to me, just some ordinary dude, because he is just that type of person. We must have looked like two freaks because here we were in the hotel lobby, with Shonie making the receptionist take a million whacky pictures of us doing crane kicks, taking turns choking each other out. People were looking at us like some circus act, but he didnt give a shit. He was just being himself. He made a fan for life that day, and anyone that questions him is a tool. I've been fortunate enough to meet and hang out with a bunch of fighters, and none of them were as generous with their time and as down to earth as Shonie. He is good people.

KidJustice site profile image  

11/15/10 2:52 PM by KidJustice

 Shonie, I met you at a UFC event in Vegas years ago 2006 or 07. You were cool as hell to me and my friends and sat there and talked to us for a while (you were all pimped out with a cane and goblet, LOL). You are a legend in the sport. One of the first true traveling warriors. Taking fights everywhere. You lived the fighters dream and have NOTHING to be ashamed of in your quest. many of the young fighters of today should take a page out of your book and just learn to enjoy themselves. Good luck in whatever you decide on next in life.

thforklift site profile image  

11/15/10 2:22 PM by thforklift

 Nowadays, there are fighters and there are martial artists. If we're lucky, we see athletes who  can combine both. Shonie has done it as long and as well as anyone else the sport has ever seen. The fact he is criticized at all is utterly laughable.