Roxanne Modafferi released by Strikeforce


Thank you, Strikeforce.....

I just want to fight strong people.

I'm honored to have fought for Strikeforce. I got the chance to fight two top-level women, Marloes Coenen and Sarah Kaufman.

I had been hoping to join the organization for a few years.  First, in 2009, I finally got the opportunity to step in as a late replacement for Erin Toughill, who would face Marloes Coenen, who would in turn face Cyborg.  I was walking around at 137, but managed to make 140 for the weigh ins.  I'd faced Marloes when she was at a heavier weight anyway.

I lost by arm bar.  Oops.  It was pretty devestating.  Even if the fight had gone on longer and I'd gotten arm-barred, I would have been A LITTLE more satisfied....but it was only 62 seconds or something.  After being stuck in Japan and waiting for my big chance, I blew it.

But Strikeforce was nice to me.  I met A LOT of people.  I got Fedor's autograph!  Kirik Jenness, my old trainer, flew in and cornered me.

But a loss is a loss.  I had to earn my shot.  So after winning my next two matches against the tough Veteran Molly Helsel and my friend Tara Larosa, I was offered a title shot against Sarah Kaufman.  It was truly an honor and pleasure to fight her...! until she slammed me on my head.

Thus ending my career at Strikeforce.

On Friday, I got the letter in the mail notifying me of my release.

I'm pretty bummed out...there are still women I want to fight in that organization!  But I really had an amazing time.  I can't discount these experiences...they were so valuable for me, and enriched my life.  I've made a lot of new fans, and met so many people....  it just confirms that being able to fight is one of the best things that's ever happened to me.  Thank you for that, Strikeforce.  You have a great organization.

Well,  a loss is a loss.  Losers don't get anything.  They get the ax. Only winners earn the spotlight.  Now I have to BUST my @$$ and hope I'll have the opportunity to avenge myself against Marloes and Sarah.  My life's goal is to be the number one strongest female fighter in the world, so I gotta do the rubber match with Marloes, and then slam Sarah on HER face. (love you :D)  And take Marloes' arm home with me to Japan in my suitcase. (love you, too!)  And there are other women in the world I want to fight!!

Thank you so much, to friends and fans, for all your support!

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Rox19 site profile image  

11/17/10 5:29 PM by Rox19

datdude - no problem. Thanks for the kind words! and everyone else :)Kevin- thanks for the good reffing job! :D

purple girl site profile image  

11/16/10 12:40 PM by purple girl

SF has a funny way of doing things. Coenen loses to Cyborg, falls off the SF radar, then is bought back in for a title shot.the Coenen loss for Roxy was a last minute fight at 145- that's higher than Roxy's natural weight. even though Rox lost to Kaufman, doesn't take away her big win over LaRosa.

datdude site profile image  

11/16/10 2:39 AM by datdude

Roxy please forgive me if I was a little harsh & spoke of situations I have no clue about. I am a big fan of yours & I almost shed a tear when i saw the look in your eyes after you lost to sarah for the title. I can almost feel your pain & frustration knowing how hard you trained & how much you wanted to win that title. I don't know what strikeforce cut you for maybe like you said it was getting a little expensive bringing you & your corner over from japan but anyway it is what it is. I do think you would be better of at 125 or even 115 if you can manage it you would be a beast at either weight class. Anyway you're super cool I really dig your personality & you're a true talent & you will be back at the top rather its in sf or where ever you continue your career peace. :o)

ZugZug site profile image  

11/16/10 1:33 AM by ZugZug

Probably the dumbest thing Strikeforce has done so far.They just cut one of the p4p best female fighters in the world, wth...Not to mention the prettiest. :) Not that we should care about such things in this day and age...heh heh. >.>

sudnvictory site profile image  

11/16/10 1:17 AM by sudnvictory

Strikeforce has enough fighters to actually cut someone?

donnybrook site profile image  

11/16/10 12:14 AM by donnybrook

Funny, I refereed that bout in the gif. Rox, a promotion up here in New England already got your managers info and is interested. when one door closes.......Best of luck!Kevin the ref

Maulinator1 site profile image  

11/16/10 12:10 AM by Maulinator1

Hang in there Rox! Everyone has mad love for you... you will always have places to fight!

WhoHitzWho site profile image  

11/15/10 10:39 PM by WhoHitzWho

Shes sexy and beautiful...hope she gets another chance Id tag it before Sarah or Gina

Markos site profile image  

11/15/10 10:17 PM by Markos

Strikefarce cut her so they could afford batista.... you know hes a legit mma fighter LOL WOW!