Swick: Shamrock against bullying is like a dealer against drugs

source: facebook.com

Frank Shamrock recently cut an anti bullying video that generated some heated responses. The latest MMA figure to weigh in is Mike Swick

“ARE YOU KIDDING Frank Shamrock!?!? I have seen it all now! I usually keep my mouth shut and stay far away from any controversy or disputes with other fighters but this is too much!

Frank Shamrock started a foundation to fight bullies because he was cyber-bullied? OMG thats ironic considering he was the biggest bully at our gym until we had to split him from our team. I cant even list the fighters on the team that were injured and hurt by him and that he passed out in chokes even after they tapped.

This is like making the drug dealer a cop so he can help them get more drug dealers. This is like dropping salt into an open flesh wound right before spilling alcohol into it too.”

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Truemanc3 site profile image  

11/27/10 5:21 AM by Truemanc3

Mayhem got bully beatdown!Same thing imo.

CavemanDave site profile image  

11/27/10 3:11 AM by CavemanDave

 I'm not sure how many people hack on Franks record pre-2000. On the other hand, a 500 record after an extended layoff with the attitude he could still clear out several divisions in fighting I don't think sat that well with people.  It's not like he returned at  the advanced age of Couture or his brother Ken either. Frank impressive acts after the age of 28 have been business related, not fight related.  Some of the statements he's made since his return have been borderline comical.  I think that (and his personal trouble with training partners) is what have given people a poor opinion of him.

okiebug site profile image  

11/27/10 2:37 AM by okiebug

The Lions Den was a rough place, but you knew it going in. They didn't force people to go there. The hazing and rough training was part of what made them great and you can argue it may be what burned most of the hardcore guys out. But it's no more bullying than basic training or football camp. No one walked outside and stoled some kids lunch money. People were there of their own freewill to test themselves.Swick is obviously airing some bad blood. I don't have much respect for him. Either settle it in private like a professional or in a ring like a professional. Just my take.

Poindexter site profile image  

11/27/10 2:08 AM by Poindexter

Yeah, not necessary. I can see Glamrock being that dick and he all but admitted it right?

mediocreCalo site profile image  

11/27/10 1:55 AM by mediocreCalo

I don't understand why Swick would bring negative attention to something that's clearly positive.He seems like a reasonable guy, I don't really disagree with the sentiment but the timing seems a little off.

osiriss site profile image  

11/27/10 1:54 AM by osiriss

For anyone to try to dismiss franks record is ignorant. For anyone to try to dismiss mike's opinion is even more ignorant. In the last month frank has been in the news because his business partner threw him out of the gym, or cheated him or whatever. Then he was in the news calling Dana out and saying he should be the true ambassador to the sport and that he wanted to focus on getting MMA sanctioned where it's not. Then he starts a charity or PR campaign because he was "cyber bullied" a few weeks before. So I'm supposed to believe that this guy who has had beef with: his brother, ex teammates, business partners, old promotions etc etc is a victim??? Really? He is a legend in the sport but that does not automatically make him a good man.

HexRei site profile image  

11/27/10 1:42 AM by HexRei

bluenamer plzhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-dAO6Km5g8

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

11/27/10 12:58 AM by RyannVonDoom

Can I get a link to the trolling that made Shamrock butthurt?

sewich site profile image  

11/27/10 12:50 AM by sewich

did you not read where i said if you can't put up with bulling you wont make it far in life, obviously the nerds signing the paychecks didn't kill themselves over being bullied. they got through itlike i said, if you don;t have the ablitly to handle being bullied(or not put yourself in the position to be bullied) how are you going to handle the stresses of the real world?

rockwell site profile image  

11/26/10 11:44 PM by rockwell

Once again Whistleblower smacks it.Just because your lord, god and saviour Dana Fucking White doesn't like Frank Shamrock any more doesn't mean he isn't TOTALLY a LEGEND and one of the first names that will ever be mentioned in a discussion about the all time greats.Noobs need to watch/learn instead of chatting shit that shows them to be utter fuckwits.