Noons: 'I want Mayweather next'

source: steverattlesnake

“You know, I would be shocked if Mayweather didn’t take a fight before fighting someone of Manny’s caliber. I have said it once and I will say it again, I would love to be Floyd Mayweather’s next fight. I think we match up well stylistically. I think the fact that I am a former MMA champion with a boxing resume is marketable and most importantly, I will take any drug test offered to make the fight happen. If I’m Floyd Mayweather, I look at the way MMA did James Toney and I would want to represent my sport.

They didn’t do James any favors. They didn’t put Toney in against the best striker that MMA had to offer. Instead, they put him in with the most experienced grappler in the game. Well, just like Toney was willing to go into MMA and fight the best, I’m willing to go into boxing and do the same. I want to fight the best boxing has to offer and that’s Floyd Mayweather.

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10/20/13 12:35 PM by BernardHopkins


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9/17/13 11:34 AM by Col Angus

Oh, Karl!

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9/17/13 11:30 AM by Ramy Daoud

Not probably. Definitely.

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9/17/13 11:07 AM by supersaiyan

guess Noons knew something we didn't... that Mayweather would beat all the damn boxers in his class by now till there were only MMA fighter left to punk around lol..Noons is STILL a funny dood

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9/15/13 2:21 AM by DwadingInSpursTears

For 20 million, I would fight Brock, floyd, Anderson silva and Gandhi at the same fucking time

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9/15/13 2:14 AM by Haulport

LOL KJ. You couldn't even out box Nick Diaz, Cowboy & Jorge.Gimme a break....

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9/15/13 2:10 AM by crazydave


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9/15/13 1:55 AM by Trane

Is Noons next in line?

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9/13/13 9:38 PM by Rob San Soo


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9/13/13 8:45 PM by duckhuntgangsta

Ahh, the old thread necromancy in the hat trick.