Cole Escovedo defends himself in court, no lawyer

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Cole Escovedo Attorney

From: Gabby's grandma
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Cole pursued his medical malpractice suit against the doctors that failed to treat his MRSA infection. With no legal training, he fought in pro per against a senior partner in the biggest law firm in the area.

Cole managed to deadlock a jury for 3 days. Please encourage him to use his court room talent by going to law school.


From: KenP, Sports Agent
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Why didnt he get an attorney?  Where was his agent?


From: The Triangle
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hey guys just saw this

#1 i lost after a 3 day deliberation mind you that rarely happens it was a simple case of being unable to convience a jury of standard of care against the doc even tho i proved he was lying under oath go figure lol

#2 had a lawyer some time ago and a week b4 trial started he had his license suspended cant say why here. then a had one that the nite b4 trial decided they couldnt handle the case and felt doing it myself might be better.... what??

#3 this was a personal suit unrelated to an mma injury so KenP my lawyer had no knowledge of it and it would have been retarded to bring my mma manager into a NON-mma law suit.

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The Triangle site profile image  

11/29/10 4:18 PM by The Triangle

thnx for the support guys ;-)

Uncle Justice site profile image  

11/29/10 11:43 AM by Uncle Justice You had a devastating case of staph that kept you out of competition, and changed your life.  Give me the quick background on this. CE:  "As for the surgery, it was about 3 years ago that I contracted a staph infection in my left forearm, and it was grossly misdiagnosed by the doctor I saw, and spread to my spinal cord and left me paralyzed from the waist down, and required surgery to fix--and even that was a gamble, thus why the neurosurgeon was sure I'd be lucky to walk right again, but surely thought the chances of me fighting ever again were like 0%.  And yet, here I am. I'm currently in the tail-ends of a lawsuit against the doctors and hospital that didn't do their jobs and allowed the staph to get to such a life threatening stage." Throughout all of this, did you know that you were just readying yourself to improve and rejuvenate your career, or did you consider not coming back, or not being able to? CE:  "I spent a large amount of that time simply trying to walk again, to be honest.  I had everyone telling me that I'd be lucky to walk again so I had plenty of motivation from within.  Once I knew I would be returning to fighting, I made the most of my time waiting for a fight by training smarter than I ever had before; and it was obvious in my return fight and the 5-0 record I've made since that return, with 4 finishes and 1 decision that I honestly feel (had I not been sick) I would have finished him as well.  I always knew I would walk again and fight again if I wanted to.  It was just a matter of 'how bad did I want it' and how hard I was willing to push myself to accomplish that goal.  Everyone gets knocked down, but the real fighters, the real champions are the ones who will always find a way to get back up again and again."

Uncle Justice site profile image  

11/29/10 11:40 AM by Uncle Justice

^This is the best summary of my feelings. Knowing what you've been through, and also ending my 4 month stint with a half-dozen "medical specialists" by telling the guy I was about to choke the shit out of him, my heart goes out to you here.  

RBerman site profile image  

11/29/10 10:35 AM by RBerman

 Sounds like you might have a legal malpractice claim now!

SudburyBJJ site profile image  

11/29/10 10:03 AM by SudburyBJJ

We laugh about it to this day...but it goes to show that although marijuana won't kill you, it sure doesnt help you put together a good case for yourself in court.

Daniel Carver site profile image  

11/29/10 10:02 AM by Daniel Carver

 I remember hearing you talk about your case on TapouT Radio a while back.  I was thoroughly surprised that your doctors didn't perform a LP straightaway.

WoodenPupa site profile image  

11/29/10 9:42 AM by WoodenPupa

"and actually held the microphone on his stand like he was a rockstar"Bwuahahah! Well, not all intentions to be epic are praiseworthy. A little common sense is needed. Not everybody is gifted with the insight to know their limitations...I can't imagine a faux-hawk not working miracles all by itself in court though. C'mon, what judge wouldn't be impressed with that? Maybe it was the wrong color.

Fake Pie site profile image  

11/29/10 9:41 AM by Fake Pie

I wouldn't recommend pro se unless it is small claims or a very minor traffic manner. I am a lawyer and would never represent myself, as I am not a litigator. I cannot even imagine a lay person trying to do a trial. Sounds like you did well under the circumstances though.

SudburyBJJ site profile image  

11/29/10 9:35 AM by SudburyBJJ

off topic, but a friend of mine represented himself in court during his divorce vs his ex-wife's high priced heavyweight lawyer. it was a disaster of epic proportions.first off, my friend isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and actually held the microphone on his stand like he was a rockstar. (yes, he actually told me that he enjoyed talking into the microphone), he wore a faux-hawk to court as well.needless to say, he's paying child support and sees his kid once or twice a year (they live in different ends of the country now) some people do well representing themselves. others are just retarded.

Fake Pie site profile image  

11/29/10 7:11 AM by Fake Pie

That's crazy. Any lawyer off the back of your local phone book can handle a standard med-mal case. Sucks man. Next time explain it to the judge and he will give you time to get another lawyer. Hopefully it never happens again of course :)