Maiquel Falcao arrested in Brazil on 2002 assault charge

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Friday afternoon, TATAME was informed that the UFC fighter, Maiquel Falcão, had been arrested in Pelotas, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, according to the news published on the newspaper Diário Popular. The arrestment was done due to a warrant related to physical injury.

Falcão’s manager, Marcelo Brigadeiro got in touch with TATAME to clear things up about the case trying to put a final end on the speculations.

“In 2002, Maiquel got involved in a fight on a nightclub, between two groups of people. People pressed charges against him and he got an alternative penalty. After serving, still in 2002, the athlete was informed that the case hasn’t been closed. Believing it was all solved, Maiquel moved and because he did so at that time and his lawyer didn’t add this information, of his new home address, to his file, the judge saw it as if he was trying to run away and told the cops to find him”, explained the manager.

“After almost nine years later, Maiquel didn’t have any news about the lawsuit, so as he returned to his hometown, he gave an interview to a local paper. As he finished that interview, the cops were waiting for him and they took him to the police station.

Currently the fighter is now in prison and he’s definitely not in jail as people are saying so, he’s just in custody so that he gives his statement why he didn’t show up in 2002 like he should have done. He’ll say that and he’ll be released soon."


Chute Boxe middleweight Maiquel Falcao" class="Newslink">Maiquel Falcao – who recently debuted in the UFC with a victory over Gerald Harris - was arrested today in Pelotas, South Brazil by local police.

Falcao was apprehended after giving an interview to Grupo Brasil de Comunicação. According to witnesses, there was no resistance.

The arrest came as police fulfilled a Judicial Order related to corporal assault (’bodily assault’) .

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The Brazilian native was detained after a warrant for his arrest was issued in relation to a 2002 assault charge. confirmed with Falcao's management that the fighter is currently incarcerated, though the Chute Boxe product hopes to be released as soon as today. According to Falcao's camp, the Brazilian was ordered in 2002 to serve a 24-month house-arrest sentence. After eight months, Falcao moved to a new home, though his lawyer advised him that the Brazilian authorities would have no issue with him completing the sentence in a new location. Today, Falcao returned to his hometown, as he reportedly has several times since 2002, but authorities elected to take him into custody...[Falcao's] camp did insist the matter was unlikely to affect his Octagon career.

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12/4/10 11:55 AM by Fake Rassler

^^^Come on its not like he killed someone and drank their blood (from what we know). So until then I like this guy I think he gets the job done. Maybe the person he assaulted had it coming or maybe they're lying like the jealous gold digging bitches that accuse MMA fighters of rape etc. The point is you don't know, I don't know but I do know that this guy knows how to handle biz

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12/4/10 11:50 AM by Tkelly647

 stupidest motherfucker on this thread, I hope someone assaults you and then we'll see if you think they're badass

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 some say roid rage? lol 

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12/3/10 3:58 PM by CapnsavemIsDead

Lol@ Detroit police charging him with loitering..

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12/3/10 3:35 PM by WRESTLENOW

roid rage

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12/3/10 3:17 PM by KevinMcAllister

too bad he never said that

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12/3/10 3:10 PM by 1crazySOB

Not surprised, this dude is menarded according to that video taken in Brazil!

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12/3/10 3:00 PM by smoogy

Detroit police have also formally charged him with loitering for the "incident" on Nov. 20th

NJstileNJ site profile image  

12/3/10 2:58 PM by NJstileNJ