Seth Baczynski breaks arm, but keeps fighting to win by TKO

by Seth Baczynski | source: The Underground

Thank you Tachi Palace and....

From: Seth Baczynski
Posted: 4 hours ago
Member Since: 9/13/10
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 everyone that helped me out for this fight. Rob Monroe and Thom Ortiz for cornering me. All my training partners in AZ. MTX Audio for the financial support. Tim for taking this fight with me. And my manager for getting me this fight.  My arm hurts but I'm pretty sure I'm going to live. The drive home from Cali to AZ is going to be long and painful but it was all worth it to get back inside the cage and prove to everyone what they didn't get to see during my time in the UFC. I will keep everyone posted on how I'm doing. Again, thanks to Jeremy from Tachi (those guys take care of thier fighters). Oh, and if anyone wants me for a radio interview or otherwise, just email my manager:


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ZIPPY site profile image  

9/1/11 12:50 PM by ZIPPY

 Will re-open as soon as a few people are dealt with.

suess site profile image  

9/1/11 12:48 PM by suess

 if you quoted southofheaven, edit his rant out and hopefully a mod can come through and wipe him out.  what seth did was weak, but it's not deserving of death or having his family threatened.

BCamozzi site profile image  

9/1/11 12:43 PM by BCamozzi


Lloyd gave me my bluename site profile image  

9/1/11 11:23 AM by Lloyd gave me my bluename

Cheaters never propser or do they? DFW how could you re-sign this cheetah?

camozzi site profile image  

9/1/11 11:08 AM by camozzi

I get it, everyone wants him to apologize and talk about what happened with the fight but can a mod ban this douche for wishing death on a fighter? Thats pretty harsh and Im really starting to hope Seth knows who this guy is in real life.  Hes already threatened shit with Seths kids, etc. How would the rest of you react to that? BAN this person (probably a chick) already  

Arecsa site profile image  

9/1/11 12:19 AM by Arecsa

WAR Clay!!!!

justininhifi site profile image  

8/31/11 9:11 PM by justininhifi

I'll be there live at the fight night in new Orleans. Someone make me a Seth is a cheater shirt to wear.

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

8/31/11 9:02 PM by KevinMcAllister


southofheaven site profile image  

8/31/11 8:54 PM by southofheaven

Trying to run u off?Love the UG???????Time to jump on here and argue?Argue what u fucking cheater?????U tapped verbally and physically and everyone seen it..Its a shame guys like u keep crawling through the cracksand guys like tim that have honour and pride have their dreams and passions crumble around them.....I would love to know whos cock u or ur punk ass coach had to suck to get on fight night 25 but i hope it taste good u fucking punkbitch.U posted that bullshit on here almost a yr ago and now u got ur fight ur gonna come on here and wave a white flag like its all good.....Fuck u seth bitchzynski and i hope nothing but the worst for u and the people around u.If i didnt have a hard on for the ufc i would fucking never watch that shit again for allowing a cheating fucking bastard to try and cheat again......But it is what it is..Ur back for NOW and thats ba fact but what else is a fact is that everytime someone googles ur name or looks u up they r gonna see seth baczynski is a cheater and thats a fact......U been branded cheater stupid and in the sport ur in thats the last thing someone wants to be called...OH wait there is something just a step above a cheat and thats a juicer....Ur the fucking josh barrnet of cheating....Now im pissed and now im gonna dump hell on u anyway i can..And oh ya u fucking stupid fuck!!!!!I dont eat potato salad and i would NEVER EVER EVER in a MILLION FUCKING YRS EAT WITH A FUCKING CHEATER OR ANYONE THAT WOULD BE AROUND SUCH A FUCKIN PUNK MOTHER FUCKER...Im soooooo fuckin blowin away that u would stick ur fucking little face in this blog now that u got a worth wild fight.I hope u get cancer and die......I got half a mind to fly to the weigh ins and put the fucking stomp on u before u climb on da scale....SWEET DREAMS SETH.......THE WORLD IS NOT SMALL ENOUGH FOR U TO RUN FROM THIS

southofheaven site profile image  

8/31/11 8:37 PM by southofheaven

What a fucking sick world we live in....I hope seth is the 1st death in the ufc...Punk mother fucker!!!!!Clay Harvison Vs. Seth Baczynski On For 'UFC Fight Night 25'Source: MMAJunkieThough it was announced today that UFC Fight Night 25 main eventer Jake Shields would be keeping his spot on the event despite his father's unexpected passing, preliminary card fighters Mackens Semerzier and DaMarques Johnson were both forced off of the fight card with injury. As of now, Semerzier's would-be opponent Mike Lullo is still without someone to face at the event, but has announced that Seth Baczynski will likely be stepping in to face off against Clay Harvison in Johnson's stead. The 29-year-old Baczynski was a contestant on the eleventh season of The Ultimate Fighter; though he didn't initially make the cut, he was brought back to the show after another fighter was injured. He won his first fight back, but subsequently lost to Brad Tavares via disqualification in the the show's quarter-finals and was cut from the UFC following a unanimous decision defeat to Tavares in the show's finale. Since that loss, the Polish Pistola put together two straight victories, both stoppages via strikes. The 13-6 fighter trains out of Power MMA in Arizona with the likes of Ryan Bader, CB Dollaway, and Aaron Simpson. Clay Harvison was a member of coach Brock Lesnar's team on this most recent season of The Ultimate Fighter and, though he didn't win the show, he retained his spot on the UFC's roster by defeating Justin Edwards via split decision at The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale this past June. Harvison is 9-3 overall and is currently riding a three-fight winning streak. UFC Fight Night 25 is scheduled to go down on September 17 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.