The top 5 greatest beards ever in MMA


5:  Tiki Ghosn

Starting off the list is the guy most widely known as “the most talented man to never win in the octagon.”  While Tiki Ghosn is certainly a talented fighter, with a Mixed Martial Arts record of 10-8, he may be more recognized out of the cage than in it, due to the three bleached chin stripes in his beard. 

4: Brock Lesnar

When Brock Lesnar arrived at UFC 121 in full viking form, many thought it was over before it even began for Cain Velasquez. 

3: Kimbo Slice

The days of Kimbo climbing into the cage may be over, as he currently pursues a career in boxing and possible reality television, but his presence surely won’t soon be forgotten. 

2: Robbie Lawler

Lawler is new to the beard sporting clan.  In his latest fight for Strikeforce, he showed up sporting this Gihad style of facial hair and it may have been exactly the thing to reinvigorate his career. 

1: Evan Tanner

Long known as a drifter, Evan Tanner appeared at The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale showing the part. 

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Steve4192 site profile image  

12/6/10 12:30 PM by Steve4192

I hear there was also a guy who used to have an awesome neck beard training out of the same camp.I can't remember his name though.;)

kidpresentable site profile image  

12/6/10 12:19 PM by kidpresentable

I suck at inserting pictures but Logan Clark should definitely be in the running. 

Steve4192 site profile image  

12/6/10 8:38 AM by Steve4192

Beat me to it.When DeSouza is in full caveman mode, his beard is second only to Tanner.

Mit site profile image  

12/6/10 8:23 AM by Mit

LOL @ that description of Tiki. How the hell does that guy stay on the radar?!?

Archer0545 site profile image  

12/6/10 8:11 AM by Archer0545

 TANNER!  The original Epic Beard Man!

EVILYOSHIDA site profile image  

12/6/10 5:48 AM by EVILYOSHIDA

tanner wins this easily

the mid 90s site profile image  

12/6/10 4:43 AM by the mid 90s


ken amtrack site profile image  

12/6/10 4:16 AM by ken amtrack

Don Frye's mustache..end thread

robbie380 site profile image  

12/6/10 4:01 AM by robbie380

 how the ufck is tiki over hazelett or arlovski?