Joe Rogan: My response to Keith Kizer's response

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My response to K. Kizer's response

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We all know that there's a big problem with judging in MMA, and we all know that Kizer is pretending that there's nothing wrong with having a bunch of people with no martial arts training and no understanding of the sport judging it on a professional level.
There's only one way for me to bring the maximum attention to this issue; and that's to voice my opinion on air during a live Television show where I know that millions of people are going to listen to it.

I understand that this upset him, but he's had plenty of time to correct all of these judging issues, and yet he denies there's a real problem and continues to employ people to judge important fights that are ignorant of many of the details of Mixed Martial Arts.

I also found it quite hilarious that he denies that the NSAC is 100% to blame for this judging situation and even brought up that we're taking NSAC appointed judges to Canada.
The NSAC for all it's flaws is the most important ruling body in combat sports. To bring judges that aren't appointed and approved by the NSAC would open up a whole new can of worms. The question would also come up as to who appoints those other judges?
What is the UFC's relationship with them?

Kizer is a politician, and one of the biggest issues with him is that he's not willing to admit that he's not done the best job possible with the best intentions of the sport and it's participants in mind. This calculated denial of a problem is the reason why these same judges are turning in bad decisions over and over again. In order for him to correct the problem he's going to have to admit that he's been wrong in employing these people, and he's not willing to do that.

Mixed Martial Arts is a far more complicated sport than boxing, and in order for someone to be educated in the subtle details that are playing out in a fight they have to have some martial arts experience themselves. There are PLENTY of fans out there that would do a far better job than these people that he's got working for him that have been grandfathered in from the boxing community. To judge MMA on the highest level is a huge honor and responsibility, and should be bestowed upon people that appreciate that honor and appreciate and understand every single aspect of the sport. Anything less than that is an insult to these great athletes that are dedicating their lives to compete in the toughest sport in the world, and an insult to the fans that have to be disappointed with one terrible decision after the next.

Thankfully we live in a time where the fans have an option to get their opinions out there.
I've seen all the positive support online, and I urge you guys to keep it up. Please keep up the emails, and keep up the blog posts. The only way this thing is going to change is if the people in charge feel like they have to do something about it to keep their jobs intact.

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time traveling 12er site profile image  

3/25/13 2:44 PM by time traveling 12er

I'm not saying the current system is better than having MMA fighters and trainers as judges.  Pretty much anything is better than the system they have now so it's not really a strong argument.  All I'm saying is that if they were going to make changes it would be better off to have dedicated judges who's only real interest is in judging rather than guys that run gyms or train fighters.  Knowing more doesn't necessarily make them better at judging.  Look at any given sport and you'll see that a majorty of the refs/judges aren't former trainers or atheletes.   Obviously the real problem is the politics/cronyism that goes on in selecting judges.  But if a fix is going to be made I think the sport would be better off with guys that are primarily interested in judging. 

BJ_Penmanship site profile image  

3/25/13 12:49 PM by BJ_Penmanship

*SHOULD (effing autocorrect)

BJ_Penmanship site profile image  

3/25/13 12:48 PM by BJ_Penmanship

Maybe as part of training prospective judges Gould have to watch every UFC that Rogan has done. That should give them enough of an education to understand what they're watching. (this is not sarcasm)

EtownGGod site profile image  

3/25/13 12:39 PM by EtownGGod

I like the joe rogan from back in his news radio days. Much more formidable.

BJ_Penmanship site profile image  

3/25/13 12:30 PM by BJ_Penmanship

LoLWicked retarded!

D241 site profile image  

3/24/13 3:09 PM by D241

  Man I voted this post up because I thought it was awesome how you used words to sound smart then took it down to my level using words like retardedly retarded lol.

MattyECB site profile image  

3/24/13 7:53 AM by MattyECB

The old boys network of boxing referees and judges certainly doesn't help the fucking problem.I'd imagine seniority and workplace-HJs run supreme over at Kizer's little govt. bathhouse so there's little to no incentive for them to operate as a meritocracy or introduce any form of punitive measures for the retardedly retarded or retardedly corrupt judges post-event.

MattyECB site profile image  

3/24/13 7:52 AM by MattyECB

Edit: Crocodilius

robert bentley site profile image  

3/23/13 5:36 PM by robert bentley


D241 site profile image  

3/23/13 5:34 PM by D241

That's gut wrenching illini89i.   Yeah it's probably politics. Not what you know but who you know. I think judges get paid like 1k for one night of judging for a UFC event. I'm sure there have been many judges who simply wanted the paycheck and new the right guy instead of the right man for the job being given it.