Former TUF contestant Hoger taunts McCorkle for loss

by Sam Hoger | source: The Underground

From: The Alaskan Assassin
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Guess you suck after all, now that you finally fought a legit fighter that Is not old. Yeah and about that pink slip genius, I never folded like that in a UFC fight and I fought champs chump. Keep up those performances the slip is coming.

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Mmanizzle site profile image  

12/12/10 1:35 AM by Mmanizzle

 yeah, kind of funny but not very cool...  never thought much of Hoger though...  

RyanWilcox site profile image  

12/12/10 1:34 AM by RyanWilcox

more like a suicide watch for zippylock.

stevies6969 site profile image  

12/12/10 1:33 AM by stevies6969


Kelevra Tar 21 site profile image  

12/12/10 1:33 AM by Kelevra Tar 21

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Dr Violence site profile image  

12/12/10 1:33 AM by Dr Violence

.TUF_embedded_video a .TUF_embedded_video a:hoverTUF 1: Everybody Loves SamNOTUltimateFighter.comSee More: TUF 1 • TUF house • Sam Hoger • Forrest GriffinMan is awesome 

boulder40 site profile image  

12/12/10 1:33 AM by boulder40

grimer Let Sam "sausage tits" Hogar fight McCorkle in the UFC. Loser leaves town style. The loser left town it was hoger now he is just a bitch fighting on mediocre shows... I would whoop your I know sean defiantly would.... But I give you an a for effort, you saw Sean got in partly by way of the ug so you figured what the fuck I can to? No sir you cant!!!

Lionheart XIX site profile image  

12/12/10 1:32 AM by Lionheart XIX


MasterDebater site profile image  

12/12/10 1:28 AM by MasterDebater

McCorkle can sell a fight. its too bad he can't put up. I mean technique is something you might not be able to do somthing about, but at least get your fat mess in some kind of fight shape. Otherwise you're just stealing from the fans.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

12/12/10 1:28 AM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

If Hogar fights McCorkle just keep it away from the co main event and I'm fine with it. They can fight at the Waffle House for all I care. I say relax. Don't let Hoger get under YOUR skin. My God. People defend their religions with less zeal than some folks defend McCorkle here. Sean gives it well and he takes it well and he will be back. Talking smack and trying once more he will be fine. We are the ones who should relax and most of you are only fueling Sam and letting him win since he is bothering you so deeply.

Spc Lee Lohff site profile image  

12/12/10 1:27 AM by Spc Lee Lohff

Given the horrible things both of these guys have said to one another, I'm not sure why everyone is acting so horrified. Seems pretty standard for their "relationship."