Salma Hayek to star in MMA film


The beautiful MMA.cfm? Hayek" class="Newslink">Salma Hayek is being eyed by Sony (they aren’t the only ones eyeing her) to co-star in their untitled MMA fighting movie.  Salma currently has two films in the works.  The first being The Driver followed by her voicing the character Kitty in Puss in Boots.

The bad news is that Kevin James would be playing the MMA fighter.  To see that is a little bit of a stretch is an understatement, but this could be a comedic gold mine….but probably not.  This is all we know about the film so far: “It’s about a physics teacher whose school is facing cutbacks. In order to save the music teacher’s job, James moonlights as an MMA fighter.”

Salma Hayek

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Fake Rassler site profile image  

12/16/10 7:02 PM by Fake Rassler

^^^You mean El Croco. FAIL

gaycuckold site profile image  

12/16/10 6:56 PM by gaycuckold

My favorite Echavarria movie is the one where he doesn't know his arm was broken for 10 years then beats up Rashad

rbl site profile image  

12/16/10 6:08 PM by rbl

 Trolling I assume. Lots of fat fighters at heavyweight. This movie could be OK if they don't try to present the guy as some kind of killing machine. At least it doesn't star Hector Echavarria, I have no fucking idea why that man is in all those shitty Tapout movies. He can't act and his "MMA" is pretty much taekwando.

mikehfl site profile image  

12/16/10 5:42 PM by mikehfl

watched the video of james with randy, not impressed. He just has the $$ to train with these guys, not the skills. I give him some props that he can train, but at what level??lose some weight, then we'll see.

Radiant site profile image  

12/15/10 5:16 PM by Radiant

 exactly--this writer didn't do their background calling james a stretch--i'd straighten their ass out by writing to their editor in chief with some facts...

War Mir site profile image  

12/15/10 5:13 PM by War Mir

Can a blue namer post a bid of where she's dancing in dogma. That shit is to hot.

mikehfl site profile image  

12/15/10 4:44 PM by mikehfl

Selma H. is my favorite and I would rather see her as a MMA fighter than Kevin James. So now our society is depicting that being overweight is the 'new' standard. Kids are growing up obese and then they see a fat MMA fighter and say 'hey that could be me'. Our culture is slowly lowering even our physical standards. Diabetes will become the number one disease because being fat is the norm. and don't tell me ' I can't help being overweight - I have a hormone problem. It's called being lazy and no will power to stop eating. Yes - there are people who have real issues with weight, but they are not people causing health care to go thru the roof. Next time you want some cake, try walking 2 miles to go get it.

redneckbjj site profile image  

12/15/10 4:04 PM by redneckbjj

Would NOM FAP NOM FAP NOM FAP gets towel wipes and goes back to NOM FAP NOM FAP NOM FAP all day to her.

Son of Neckbone site profile image  

12/15/10 2:52 PM by Son of Neckbone

More Hayek, more Hayek, more Hayek.

Fake Rassler site profile image  

12/15/10 9:27 AM by Fake Rassler

LOL, do you seriously think something like "personality" can be quantified?