Eddie Bravo breaks down Bocek-Hazelett bout

source: 10thplanetjj.com


tags: Eddie Bravo   Mark Bocek (detail)  Dustin Hazelett (detail)  UFC   


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Paul Thatcher site profile image  

12/19/10 2:28 AM by Paul Thatcher


hbjj site profile image  

12/19/10 1:18 AM by hbjj

for later

redneckbjj site profile image  

12/19/10 12:43 AM by redneckbjj


FLMikeATT site profile image  

12/19/10 12:39 AM by FLMikeATT

Aoki subbed Hansen with a gogoplata from the RG and Jason Black with a triangle from it.Not top ten guys, but very tough competitors and experienced dudes.

Lulz McGee site profile image  

12/18/10 10:06 PM by Lulz McGee

This video you speak of sounds interesting....

Bull_in_chinashop site profile image  

12/18/10 9:29 PM by Bull_in_chinashop

 With Dave being so good at this pass and teaching me, it's become one of my favorite passes as an MMA guy, I'm a stocky explosive guy so people fight like hell to break me down and keep me from getting power to punch, which feeds right into this pass. I can't stress enough how important it is to CRUSH his bottom leg from hip to knee so that he can't get it off the floor.  My training partners have thought that when I post my hand on their shin, they would set up the triangle but didn't realize that when I've got my entire upper body over their leg, the bottom leg can't move - The only threat comes from the top leg, which is why it's critical to stay tight face flat,arm wrapped tight to avoid the omoplata. If his knee comes up, or your head comes up, you've got to reset. (Justin Garcia covered this perfectly in his video of the pass)

Morgz site profile image  

12/18/10 9:01 PM by Morgz

 That was slick.  Looked like bottom guy was locking up body triangle from guard and would have been very hard to see that coming...he has to be thinking about getting passed. The one thing I really like about switching the hips like that on a rubber guard guy, is that most of the dudes in my area that I see do it get very lazy about putting that foot in the hip.  Therefore their knee will be down, pretty much helping you with that pass.

Bull_in_chinashop site profile image  

12/18/10 8:50 PM by Bull_in_chinashop

 Watch Dave hit this sick ankle lock off the pass.

Chael HalfTheBallsTwiceTheMan site profile image  

12/18/10 8:33 PM by Chael HalfTheBallsTwiceTheMan

Has any of the rubber guard stuff actually ever worked against a high level opponent? Not being sarcastic, but honestly wondering. Off the top of my head, I'm not recalling any examples of it.

Morgz site profile image  

12/18/10 7:26 PM by Morgz

 I'm glad I took the time to watch Bull in a Chinashop's video.  That was good info as well.