Crocodile hunter Irwin inspires UFC's Noke

by Marcus Braid | source:

While the late Steve Irwin's enthusiasm for Australian wildlife was renowned worldwide, the iconic personality was also passionate about a particular sport that had little to do with conservation.

His bodyguard of four years, Kyle Noke, says Irwin was an enormous fan of the growing sport of mixed martial arts.

Noke, a professional in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is preparing for the Sydney leg of the UFC on February 27 at Acer Arena. The 30-year-old says he is indebted to Irwin for making his ''dream come true''. ''He's one of the reasons why I'm here where I am now,'' Noke said. ''He sponsored me and paid for my first flights to the States. He really pushed me to follow my career and follow my passion.''

While working in the security team at Australia Zoo, at Irwin's request Noke trained the crocodile hunter in mixed martial arts. It was this experience that Noke has carried into his burgeoning UFC career.

''He used to help us prepare for fights,'' he said. ''He had such an eye for detail through what he had been doing for so many years. You only have to watch the guy on TV to know how much passion the guy has got. If I could channel that passion in fighting for wildlife then that's a great start.''

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THE Kevin Chandler site profile image  

12/17/10 4:17 PM by THE Kevin Chandler

IMO a great example of "good taste" humor.  

Ronald McDojo site profile image  

12/17/10 3:44 PM by Ronald McDojo

Always remembered! Steve was a great man.

THE Kevin Chandler site profile image  

12/17/10 3:14 PM by THE Kevin Chandler

FUCK YOU!  VTFD! Great to hear about Noke.  I had no idea he was The Croc Hunter's body guard for four years, fuckin crazy! I already liked Noke, but this put him even higher up there.  Great to hear that Irwin pushed him to follow the sport and follow his dream.  He truly was a wonderful human being, may he rest in peace.  

Truemanc3 site profile image  

12/17/10 2:39 PM by Truemanc3

Irwin had that good energy just like Mask did!It seems the brightest stars burn out quicker.RIP.

Jack Skellington site profile image  

12/17/10 2:28 PM by Jack Skellington

my mistake  

chopiesel site profile image  

12/16/10 4:39 PM by chopiesel

Noke has a luscious full head of hair

Jack Skellington site profile image  

12/16/10 3:46 PM by Jack Skellington

 I used to post on on other message boards with some Aussie guys that rolled with Steve before. He was short on technique but had sick arm/grip strength. I think this is a pic of Steve rolling with Noke.

Fake Rassler site profile image  

12/16/10 11:51 AM by Fake Rassler

LOL man this dude used to fight dinosaurs. I just thought about it that way. RIP steve

SlapUsilly site profile image  

12/16/10 9:16 AM by SlapUsilly

A small child can hold a crocodile's jaw shut, that's no secret. Its their crushing power that's unstoppable when they decide to chomp down.That said, i remember reading that Steve Irwin (RIP) was crazy strong, probably from all those years wrestling down wild life and surfing.I was bummed for about a week when i heard he died.