Hermes Franca speaks out about Xtreme Vale Todo fiasco

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Franca vs Ferrid (corrupt promoter)

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 Hey guys. Hermes Franca here. It's been a while. I miss you guys a lot. I wanted to share a couple things explaining the botched outcome of my fight. I'm really upset and sad about what happened. The mma family is really small. Here's a letter that was sent to me recently. Please share, so that people really understand what happened that night. I will send the videos soon. I want to make sure this promoter(Jean Fransois) isn't involved with mma anymore.


An Open Letter to MMA Fighters, Fans & All Concerned

I am writing this letter because I have tremendous admiration for pugilistic endeavors and great respect for the dedication and courage displayed by the combatants. I just witnessed a travesty unfold that damages the MMA at its very core and needs to be brought to light.

My Name is Nick Roehrick, I currently manage a NASCAR driver and have been in the promotions business for well over twenty years. I was a Citified USA Amateur Boxing Referee in the past; and once upon on a time (2004), promoted a professional boxing match with George Foreman’s brother Roy. I have been an avid MMA fan since its inception in the early 90’s and I’m very familiar with how it’s scored.

Tonight (December 19th 2010) I attended a Mixed Marshal Arts event while in Cartago Costa Rica promoted by an organization called Xtreme Vale Todo. I was attending this event strictly as a fan and certainly have no “skin” on any particular fighter or outcome, I am completely unbiased.

I arrived at the gate about an hour and a half before the fights were to begin and purchased a ringside seat, sat down and became acquainted with a few other fans seating next to me and got ready to enjoy the show. The event was scheduled to run head up with the Costa Rica National Soccer Championship, which I’m sure contributed to the somewhat spruce attendance. The fights started pretty much on time and I was delighted with my unobstructed view of the octagon.

I am going to skip to the main event, a fight between Franca (Brazil) and Kheder (France). Franca easily won all three rounds of the bout, his striking was superior as was his grappling, and he displayed dominating leg kicks and in fact closed out both the first and third rounds riding on Kheder’s back.

Here’s where it really offended my sensibilities as the manager of a professional athlete, as a fan and as a paying customer. When the winner was to be announced there was a delay, after a few awkward moments the referee begin to raise Franca’s hand then the announcer who is French as is Kheder, called for Kheder’s hand to be raised, the referee refused to raise Kheder’s hand so the announcer raised it. The fans started booing at this obvious sham!

I witnessed the corner man (an American) for Franca pleading to the announcer to check the scorecards again. The French announcer, who only moments before I personally heard speak perfect Queen’s English, now acted as though he understood nothing this poor corner man was saying; I found this utterly despicable and decided to get involved. The promoter had rushed from the arena immediately after the fans started to voice their displeasure with this travesty of sportsmanship and fair play so she was unavailable to comment.

I introduced myself to the corner man and he tells me his name is Dave Jensen. The announcer refuses to acknowledge that he has the score cards when I tell him he’s obligated to show them to Franc’s team. Being familiar with how this process works and not having the emotional involvement of the Dave the corner man I suggest we talk directly to the judges. The two of us approach the three judges and we ask them who they awarded the fight to, all three say Franca. We then ask the referee and he tells us he too had Franca as the winner, he tells us he refused to raise Kheder’s hand because Franca won and in fairness he wouldn’t raise Kheder’s hand (I commend him for that). I even hear Kheder saying to the French announcer (in English no less) to call the fight a “no contest”!

Even if you watch the fight and confabulate that somehow Kheder won, that’s not the issue here; bad calls happen and we move on. The fact is that all three judges and the referee declared Franca the winner and told me so; I’m an independent party with only integrity and fair play as a motive. The actual judging was in fact discarded and the promoter independently decided the victor which in the United States would warrant an investigation and possible sanctions by the governing body towards the promoter. A side note, the promoter is an American and this might explain why she’s not promoting MMA events in the United States.

After talking to all three judges and the referee we went before the cameras to plead Franca’s case, but to no avail. Yet another Frenchmen warned corner man Dave Jensen that if he didn’t stop protesting the decision they would hold Franca’s purse. Follow the money is an adage often spoken, if the Frenchmen were able to withhold the purse would the also be able to decide the outcome? Yes, and alas that’s exactly what they did.

Corner men Dave Jensen fought the good fight on behalf of his fighter, but like Franca, it was a fight he can’t win. My heart goes out to both these young men and their entire team, it is so transparent that the fix was in and their cause was hopeless in this regard. You see Kheder had three ways to win, KO, submission or decision; while Franca only had two, KO or submission, a decision was a forgone conclusion in favor of Kheder.

I said all that to say this! If you’re an MMA fan don’t attend Xtreme Vale Todo, if you’re an MMA fighter don’t fight for Xtreme Vale Todo. If you’re a sponsor don’t patronize Xtreme Vale Todo; Sherdog or any other outlet for MMA, don’t air Xtreme Vale Todo. I plead to anyone that values fair play, integrity and honor to stay away from Xtreme Vale Todo; don’t support them with your money, they are part of the problem and not part of the solution as to what’s wrong with combat sports. There’s an old saying that was true of boxing for the longest time: “The only thing square in boxing is the ring.” Don’t let that become true of MMA, stop bottom feeding organizations like Xtreme Vale Todo from exploiting and using fighters for crooked gain. They not only hurt the sport of MMA they hurt all sports because fans become disgusted and apathetic to sports in general.

To Xtreme Vale Todo, have you no shame? Crawl back under whatever rock you crawled from beneath. The sporting world doesn’t need nor want people of your ilk, people on the take for short end money. I have no doubt that you will fall of your own weight given time, I simply want to hasten the process a little, because unlike you I respect the hard work and dedication that these young men pour into their passion. I won’t stand by and watch as you discount all three of the judges and the referee on what was in fact a unanimous decision by Franca, as a professional I am compelled to call you out. You Xtreme Vale Todo are scum!

I hope a least the soccer fans of Costa Rica got to see a righteous sporting event tonight!


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Hey guys. I have to go cash that check, but I just wanted you to know I'm back. It's a shame this happened, but at the same time, it's better that it happened to me, so that it won't happen to anybody else. This is not a bad decision by the judges as you all know. Think about if Bruce Buffer announced GSP the winner, and then Dana White said "No. Koscheck won, because I say so" and then handed Josh the belt. Lol. Guys, this is real serious. This is my career in the game. I spent a lot of money training for this fight, going to San Diego for three weeks, and Miami before that. I wonder if any organization in the US would want to see this remach, so that I could beat Ferrid's ass again. He has my belt, but he has no honor or pride. Thank you for your continued support. Happy Holidays everbody. Osssss.

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3/12/11 10:44 AM by Dr. Pepper

Source: Kheder Allegedly Bolts from Bellator Weigh-Ins; Shockley In Bellator fans, Ferrid Kheder has left the building. According to a source close to the promotion, Kheder checked in at the Bellator 36 weigh-ins on Friday and then left while the undercard competitors were hitting the scales. confirmed news of alleged Kheder's departure after MMA Junkie initially reported on the matter. When it came time for the lightweight tournament competitor to stand and deliver, he was allegedly nowhere to be found. The official announcement during the live stream of the weigh-in was that the fighter was talking with commission officials and would step on the scale after the stream went off the air. That plan apparently went out the window, as one member of the Bellator staff actually chased after Kheder when it was realized that he had exited the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. Calls from the promotion to the lightweight's phone allegedly went unanswered. An Olympian in judo at the 2000 Beijing games, Kheder has found himself mired in controversy in the last several months. Prior to today's alleged incident, Kheder was the source of much criticism following a contentious decision victory over UFC veteran Hermes Franca in December. After Kheder was declared the victor in a bout that most felt he lost, the decision was eventually changed to a no-contest. Stepping up to replace Kheder in the tournament will be undefeated Hoosier Josh Shockley. Originally scheduled to face Kelvin Hackney, Shockley now receives a significant bump in competition, as the lightweight will square off with two-time tournament finalist Toby Imada in Saturday night's quarterfinals. The rest of the lightweight tournament competitors weighed in without issue on Friday. The winner of the eight-man tournament will receive $100,000 in total pay and a shot at Eddie Alvarez's lightweight title. Bellator 36 will air on MTV2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

MY GOD THIS AARON RODGERS site profile image  


I agree with you Smith. Kheder just proved how unprofessional and shady he is by what he did(or didn't do). He knew he wasn't going to make weight after checking in the morning and realizing he was 6 lbs over and instead of busting his ass trying to make the cut he just decided not to show at the weigh in and left.- Hired Gun

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3/12/11 10:03 AM by Smith1234

ttt, for those who see what Kheder just did (re: no weigh in) and didn't see this from a couple months ago.

cali_grrl site profile image  

1/26/11 3:28 AM by cali_grrl

I believe that is the corrupt promoter (Jean Fransois) and Kheder who are allegedly business partners. :) Cali  

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

1/26/11 3:21 AM by WRESTLENOW

wow, and now kheder is rumored to have got a spot in the upcoming Bellator tournament.there is no justice.

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1/26/11 1:13 AM by sodakfighter

Who are these 2 guys?

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1/26/11 12:53 AM by pmccor73

TTT Has this been resolved?

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1/6/11 12:56 AM by MattBenwa

LOL, go to the url!

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1/1/11 4:41 PM by FERNANDO Grout

You r the man Hermes,look forward, good luck....