Antonio McKee: I’m the Muhammad Ali of MMA

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A boy brought up amidst poverty and violence has grown into a man with an entrepreneurial instinct and comfortable lifestyle.

“I’m going to take them out one at a time. Who’s going to beat McKee at 155? Only way I lose is if I’m not in shape or I get caught. Whose wrestling is better than mine? Gray Maynard? Volkmann? I’m going to make Volkmann look like nothing. We thought Volkmann could wrestle. Volkmann can’t wrestle.”

“I feel like I’m the Muhammad Ali of MMA. I feel like I’m the Don King of MMA. I feel like I’m the Tupac Shakur of MMA. I’m the mouth, the talent, the brains, and I’m also the business side. Where does that put me? That puts me as one of the all-time greatest black mixed martial arts fighters.”

“A lot of times when people interview me, they provoke me to say the things that I say, and I know they’re doing it, so I play the game. That’s why I’m one of the most interviewed fighters in the game. I create controversy, and controversy sells.

Following victories over Carlo Prater and Derrick Noble in 2009, McKee asked UFC matchmaker Joe Silva what the UFC wanted to see from him. Silva told him to finish some fights.

In turn, McKee recorded a first-round submission of Rodrigo Ruiz in his next outing. Prior to his fight with Azevedo at MFC 26, McKee vowed to retire if the match went to a decision. McKee opened up Azevedo with a vicious elbow and scored a first-round technical knockout via doctor stoppage.

“Azevedo running his mouth saying I’m old and senile. I’m the wrong guy to say that to. I came from that. You run your mouth, I’ll test you. They brought the n---- out of me. And look what happened. That was some n---- stuff: splitting a guy’s head open for money and [defaming] his character on national TV.

“After that fight, I got back to California on Saturday. On Sunday, I was in church on my hands and knees, praying and crying. My daughter asked, ‘Dad, why are you crying?’ I told her I was asking God to help me because that was the guy I knew back in the streets. I don’t want to be that guy. I asked God to deliver me because I don’t want to be that character.”

“I knew what the UFC was looking for previously ... It wasn’t worth it to me, as a young man, to go out and put on a monkey show for two or three thousand dollars. I would rather win a decision and walk away with not a scratch on me. But with these incentives, absolutely, it changes things. I’m going to try to knock Volkmann’s head off his shoulders.”

“Some fighters I feel sorry for, but I take my hat off to them. At 50, 60 years old, I still want to be a dad and play basketball. I don’t want to be walking around here, shaking my head, not knowing who I am and my memory’s shot. The moment I get a good ass whipping, I’m done. I just want to know if I’m the best fighter in the world or if I’m a bunch of hot air.”

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McKee stops Acevedo

McKee is set to make his UFC debut against Volkmann at UFC 125 on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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HELWIG site profile image  

1/3/11 2:46 PM by HELWIG

 Also curious is why a man with a Spanish first name and Irish last name would go out of his way to identify as a street thug black man? And why would the article go out of its way to mention his having been molested as a child!? Not all press is good.

Jsteven site profile image  

1/3/11 2:41 PM by Jsteven

 By far the most boring fighter I have ever seen

radiobaby site profile image  

1/3/11 3:49 AM by radiobaby

By this logic FRB has to believe that Jacob Volkmann is now the world's #1 Lightweight fighter.Own it, dude.

HELWIG site profile image  

1/3/11 3:36 AM by HELWIG

  "Crowd hated the fight." Who could have expected that!?

explodin site profile image  

1/3/11 1:07 AM by explodin

the world's #1 lightweight!! LMFAO

regg10 site profile image  

1/2/11 5:53 PM by regg10

ya and now look at him he's not that damn good just a lay n pray expert has no business in the ufc

wreckker site profile image  

1/2/11 5:41 PM by wreckker

 completely wrong and disrespectufl to compare himself to muhamed ali

1oldfart site profile image  

1/2/11 3:30 PM by 1oldfart

what???? mckee has parkinsons?

frontrowbrian site profile image  

1/2/11 2:08 PM by frontrowbrian

I was very surprised. Not a good night for McKee. His shots didn't look particularly explosive. He didn't overpower Volkmann like I thought he would. By the time McKee found his groove in the 3rd, he had already given up 2 rounds. One judge gave the 2nd round to McKee because Volkmann had McKee's back for about 3 minutes working for a choke and McKee landed some backwards strikes. Probably the only strikes of the round. Still clearly Volkmann's round. Crowd hated the fight.

Daddy Rorny Michael site profile image  

1/2/11 1:23 PM by Daddy Rorny Michael

LOL, frontrow must be crying to himself in a corner.