Mark Hunt vs Chris Tuchscherer at UFC 127 in Australia


The UFC's official website has added Mark Hunt vs Chris Tuchscherer to its lineup for UFC 127: "Penn vs Fitch" set to go down on Feb. 26 from the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia.

Hunt was brought to the promotion to allegedly satisfy a few stipulations of the PRIDE buyout back in 2007. Fans were shocked a fighter on a five-fight losing streak would ever be brought to the big show.

The UFC seemingly downplayed his signing and placed him in a bout with (at the time) relative unknown Sean McCorkle. About one minute and a kimura later and the losing streak reached six.

Can "The Crowbar" push it to seven?

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aKaBeasTTT site profile image  

1/1/11 10:18 AM by aKaBeasTTT

Hopefully Hunt trains his ass off and wins one for Pride.

Fake Rassler site profile image  

1/1/11 5:41 AM by Fake Rassler

Tuchscherer by UFC 13 THE ULTIMATE FORCE americana in under 90 seconds

myee8 site profile image  

1/1/11 5:37 AM by myee8

Gee, gonna be hard to get excited about this fight...

EPGScott site profile image  

1/1/11 5:30 AM by EPGScott

They have to honor the contract from Pride for Hunt if I recall.Most likely want to keep Chris happy as he is Brocks friend and the last thing they want right now is to piss Brock off when he only has 1 fight left on his contract.

BJJkilla site profile image  

1/1/11 5:18 AM by BJJkilla

kimbo vs houston didn't really mean much.

Dane Oss site profile image  

1/1/11 4:22 AM by Dane Oss

Always been a fan of Mark!He's gonna woop chris's ass. GOnna be there live displaying my mark hunt nut hugging

sodakfighter site profile image  

1/1/11 4:18 AM by sodakfighter

Tuchscherer will be cut soon enough.

molsonmuscle360 site profile image  

1/1/11 3:21 AM by molsonmuscle360

This could quite possibly be the least significant fight in UFC history.

Mmanizzle site profile image  

1/1/11 3:09 AM by Mmanizzle

Should've had Mark Hunt fight Kimbo Slice - big fan of Mark Hunt, would like to see him get some wins

Wrinkle site profile image  

1/1/11 2:43 AM by Wrinkle

Hunt is fun to watch, I don't care how many times he loses I'll always look forward to his fights.