Shane Carwin back in training, ready to fight in May

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From: Shane Carwin's Stats">Shane Carwin
Member Since: 10/11/06
Posts: 927
I will be fight ready in May. Training now and just waiting on the call from my management on opponent and date.

I am training again now


From: Shane Carwin's Stats">Shane Carwin
Member Since: 10/11/06
Posts: 929
Im training all aspects like never before, this is it for me, my family (which includes you) im devoting everything to this.

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Mr Sponge site profile image  

2/17/12 8:57 PM by Mr Sponge

WinstonWolfWonTheBet - Lolololol

WinstonWolfWonTheBet site profile image  

2/17/12 8:04 PM by WinstonWolfWonTheBet

GageIsLegend - I'm not sold on jds either. I hate how everyone is saying he is going to ko Cain when he couldn't put away Roy.I hate it when shit like this happens haha. A quote comes back to haunt you.

preston1287 site profile image  

1/5/11 7:30 AM by preston1287

Shane I wish you all the best brother! War Carwin!!!!

Bluntfield site profile image  

1/5/11 7:24 AM by Bluntfield

Awesome to hear Shane, can't wait to see you return to the octagon, doesn't matter who you're facing!

Blazing Knees site profile image  

1/5/11 5:59 AM by Blazing Knees


billygamble site profile image  

1/4/11 10:32 PM by billygamble

<img alt="" src="" />Man Ive been a big fan of Nate for a long time and Brendan is making it hard not to like him on his war path he's been making.You are very lucky to train with guys like this.

Aadil site profile image  

1/4/11 8:27 PM by Aadil

ttt for Shane. Wreck someone in May bro. -Shane Carwin fan

iclimb513 site profile image  

1/4/11 8:03 PM by iclimb513

Carwin via gogoplata?

Jobe Watson the Bomber site profile image  

1/4/11 5:31 PM by Jobe Watson the Bomber

Carwin you are a class act and I have no doubt you will get that title. Any ideas who your first fight back will be against?I would think it would be someone like Kongo or Nelson who are just outside the pack.

THE Kevin Chandler site profile image  

1/4/11 4:50 PM by THE Kevin Chandler

Wow, way to make me feel like a POS for simply keeping that 8x10 for myself.  Lol, I'm kidding...but only half.  It was a welcomed surprise, Shane, thanks for that.  And I have a quick question for you... How do you feel about everyone talking the bullshit about your ONE bad fight?  If it were me, I think I'd be happy that that many people were sleeping on me so when I get back in there, I could shock the world (again).  But I could understand feeling a little dejected after putting in all the hard work, making one mistake, and getting flamed as a fluke.  Any thoughts?