Grispi: Don't know why I had the worst night ever


“I’ve never felt like that for a fight,” Grispi said of his loss at Saturday’s UFC 125. “I didn’t feel like myself even going out. I was trying to get ready for the fight and I just couldn’t get into the mode to fight. I don’t know. I was trying to the whole time. I couldn’t think of what to do. I don’t know. I just froze up, I guess. I don’t know. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt like that.”

“I knew he was tough, he’s a brawler, he’s a tough kid – I just didn’t give him a fight, I didn’t really fight my fight. I didn’t really fight back. I was just in my own head. I just couldn’t think.”

“I can’t look at it anymore. I’ve just got to keep trucking, keep moving on and getting another fight in there right away. I want to smash someone. I’m pretty pissed at myself.”

“I learned obviously I can take a bunch of shots to the face and I know my heart. I always know I can go three rounds even if I’m getting beat up, the whole fight is going the wrong way — I can still stay in there and still try to win. It’s the worst night I’ve ever had and I still didn’t get finished. Even though it was a horrible performance on my part, I definitely learned from it.”

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Clipsburgh site profile image  

1/6/11 4:40 PM by Clipsburgh

I think maybe he got a little too ahead of himself that night and was a little too cocky.Also I kinda think he should go up to 155, he's way to tall and skinny for 145 imo.

catch wrestler site profile image  

1/6/11 4:33 PM by catch wrestler

You could tell as soon as he was in the cage and before the start of the fight that something was off. He didnt have the fire in his eyes.  He didnt look right physically either, like the weight cut was hard on him. I'm just speculating......

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

1/6/11 4:04 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

I think mentally he was fried. Going from fighting for the belt in the co main event to fighting in a prelim on ION is a HUGE step down. He fought down and in my opinion paid for it. Worse is now he is a year away from a shot and with Aldo moving up by then may never get that fight. This is why Rashad sat out rather than blow his shot with a loss but admittedly a guy like Grispi has neither the cash nor cachet to allow him such a luxury.

shanoknowsmma site profile image  

1/6/11 3:32 PM by shanoknowsmma

Maybe he under-trained and under-estimated. "Nevah underestimate yuh opponent!" --Bruce Lee

TheGARV site profile image  

1/6/11 3:30 PM by TheGARV

 Great attitude after a brutal beat down.  Maybe he overtrained, or like he said just wasn't there mentally.  Sounds like he's got the right outlook to come back tho

MotorBoater85 site profile image  

1/6/11 3:29 PM by MotorBoater85

Always been a Grispi fan.  I remember reading about his local fights on when he was just coming up.  Hope he comes back with a vengeance!

palerider101 site profile image  

1/6/11 3:29 PM by palerider101

he will be fighting for the title on new years next year

charms434 site profile image  

1/6/11 3:27 PM by charms434

But it's spells spell check wrong. FUCK YOU APPLE.

charms434 site profile image  

1/6/11 3:26 PM by charms434

Fuckin spellchwck on this iPhone. Grasp=grispi

charms434 site profile image  

1/6/11 3:25 PM by charms434

U guys bashing grasp must be sleeping. When that kid has his game face he's incredible "in-cred-I-ble". I'm serious. Hes that good