UFC 129: Hamill vs. Davis, Foster vs. Pierson, Roberts vs. Patrick

source: mmaweekly.com

Matt Hamill vs. Phil Davis:
A pair on NCAA champions are on a collision course for UFC 129 as Phil Davis and Matt Hamill have agreed to meet in Toronto as a part of the star studded show coming to Ontario on April 30.

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Brian Foster vs. Sean Pierson:
Brian Foster will be stepping into Sean Pierson’s hometown when the two welterweights meet at UFC 129 in Toronto on April 30. The HIT Squad product Foster has consistently been one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC, and has never gone to a decision in his career. Former Toronto police officer Sean Pierson will bring his hometown with him when he fights at UFC 129.

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Daniel Roberts vs, Claude Patrick
I fight Claude Patrick at UFC 129 april 30th is in Toronto

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NYCblue site profile image  

1/11/11 3:10 AM by NYCblue

@ mrhenson child please..... ju loco mein

GriffinQ site profile image  

1/9/11 12:43 PM by GriffinQ

since youre so confident that it's a terrible match up for davis, how bout an sn bet?  

MrHenson site profile image  

1/9/11 12:39 PM by MrHenson

 lol @ these replies shows how much u all know this is  a terrible fight for davis. gonna lose to a hamill that no one considers top right now this loss will throw davis right back down to the bottom of the ladder he just started to climb ill explain why now, so that i dont have to do it after i get flamed ham = knockout hands, slow but hurt. good wrestling, wont get bullied or taken down easily. smoother on the ground, more MMA experience. davis = no confidence in his hands yet so he will resort to trying his best to get it down like most mma beginners. when he gets it to the ground he wont outdo ham so easily because ham knows his shit. should be a terrible boring 3round fight in which ham wins. could easily be a shitty decision giving the win to davis because thats what dana probably wants. ufc has a chance to make some $$ off davis possibly and a loss to ham would ruin those plans. maybe a crisp $20bill in the judges pockets can fix that up for him.

InvisibleControl site profile image  

1/8/11 5:23 PM by InvisibleControl

The UFC really fucked up this card that was supposed to rival UFC 100. What a fucking crock of shit. It's an exact repeat of UFC 124. A bunch of meaningless canadians thrown on a canadian event in a bunch of meaningless fights. Not to mention the main and co-main feature arguably the four most boring fighters in the UFC. They really fucking flopped on this one. Bad. I was actually gonna travel to this one but not now. I blew money on a shitty card in Montreal... not again. They'll be lucky if this sells 500,000ppv and fills 20,000 seats.

Str4nger D4nger site profile image  

1/8/11 4:13 PM by Str4nger D4nger

Davis is just too fluid in his ground work. Matt's a good rassler but Davis has just too much pedigree on the mat for him.... course as usual I'm terribly bias towards Masta Lloyds proteges.

Bry Bry site profile image  

1/8/11 2:45 PM by Bry Bry

Phil Davis is going to crush hamill..hamills strength is davis strength and davis is much better in that area..not only that but davis is bigger, stronger and much faster...standing up, hamill has a punchers chance but thats it..Davis is just too agile to get caught standing.. i see davis being one tough guy to beat unless you are rashad, Thiago SIlva, or jon Jones..

MPA site profile image  

1/8/11 2:25 PM by MPA

Phil Davis is going to finish what Jon Jones started. This time Hamill won't be saved by illegal use of the elbow.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

1/8/11 5:22 AM by Winston Wolf

not wrestlers

JCSUPERMAN site profile image  

1/8/11 4:30 AM by JCSUPERMAN

I'll be pulling for Hamill

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male site profile image  

1/8/11 4:24 AM by Thunderlips The Ultimate Male

Davis has not faced anyone who could stop his takedowns yet and Hammil has a lot of power in his punches. Could be an interesting fight IMO.