Oleg Taktarov meets with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta

source: taktarov.org


Oleg Taktarov had a business meeting with UFC owners Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta, to discuss the prospects of mutual cooperation and the selection of the best MMA fighters from what used to be the USSR. Taktarov has repeatedly talked about the hard road that he had to travel to the UFC. Thanks to cooperation with Taktarov, Russian and Eastern European fighters should have an easier time in future.

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Just spoke to Oleg Taktarov he met with Dana White

From: Armhntr
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I had a long talk with Oleg. I have not spoken to him in about 6 years. It was great to talk to him again and catch up on old times. He is currently driving from California to Miami. He was telling me about his trip and mentioned he just had a meeting with the Zuffa brothers and Dana White. He did not get into specifics and I did not ask because he was busy driving. I thought maybe someone on the underground might know?

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1/17/11 3:10 PM by xcouturefan

ok dude

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1/16/11 11:25 PM by xcouturefan

ttt for the "Russian Bear"

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1/16/11 10:46 PM by DevinS

damn, Lorenzo is stylish as fuck (no homo)

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1/16/11 10:44 PM by inf0

 CRE = Greatest lb4lb MMA.tv poster of the night

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1/16/11 10:42 PM by chaplinshouse

Yup. It takes 100 million dollars to use a tanning bed in December, forgot about that

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1/16/11 8:05 PM by Mocrates

i lol'd

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1/16/11 8:04 PM by Mocrates

I visualized a slick heel hook against open guard.Downright awesomeness

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1/16/11 7:23 PM by Horsemeat

STFU you lil baby. do you have a Oleg poster in your room or something, fanboy? i tried being reasonable with you 30-40 year old cellar dwelling pieces of shit, but fuck it. What im saying is Oleg has what 5-6 wins in the UFC? how many fucking guys in UFC history has 5-6 wins against more notable opponents? probably close to 50. So like i said earlier, if you wanna vote Oleg in for being a pioneer of the tournament setup and one of the peple who helped get MMA popular, then i have no problem with that, BUT his achievements(based on numbers/stats) doesnt warrant him a spot in the UFC HOF.HOW FUCKING HARD IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND.judging by YOUR join date, you are mid 30's married to a bitch of a wife and is a miserable fuck.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

1/16/11 6:57 PM by CLINTK9

That still dont change the fact of what Oleg did, in his day, to earn his right to be in the HOF! Of course the baseball players & Football & MMA Guys of yesterday arent as good the althletes of today. What the Hec does that have to do with thier accomplishments when they were the top athletes. Your reasoning is kinda retarded. We've givin reasons why he should be (What has Pulver donbe more of than Oleg to deserve to be in, like 95% if the uf voted pulver to be in). but you question OLEG, because he couldnt beat todays fighters or have the record he has if we transported him into the futre in his prime, WTF are you talking about? well you are an 11 start date.