Din Thomas: Dana don't need the money, fighters do

source: theGarv.com

To the fans, just keep supporting the game and this is something I’m very adamant about; don’t just support the high-level guys.  This is something that I don’t really like, these guys go to the bar and they drop a 100 dollars on drinks and whatever the case may be, but when a local show comes through the area they want to get free tickets, you know what I’m saying?

They just dropped a 100 dollars at the bar, gettin’ drunk, showing off for their friends but they want to get free tickets to a local show—and the local fighters need the money. Dana White don’t need the money like the local fighters do!

What I’m saying is, don’t just support the biggest shows.

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GMUNIT site profile image  

1/19/11 9:53 AM by GMUNIT

reading is too hard for many of you

frankiscool site profile image  

1/19/11 9:33 AM by frankiscool

 I've been to tons of small shows...but yes, there are some shady promoters.  You hear about them every day on here.  People WANT to see the superstars so they are always going to go to the UFC.   It's funny too because I remember Din wrote a HUGE thread on here about Jamie Levine and blasted him harder than anyone ever has, then a few years go by and they are buddies again.   People still fight for promoters who've screwed them in the past, then complain when we don't support them? It's our choice where we spend our money.  I wouldn't go see some fighters fight and I wouldn't go to several promoters' shows just due to how they've treated fighters in the past.

Brainscan site profile image  

1/19/11 9:10 AM by Brainscan

If Dana fucks.....money won't swarm shit to his nuggets friend!

TheGARV site profile image  

1/19/11 8:56 AM by TheGARV

*doesn't read comment, makes comment*

Okkun site profile image  

1/19/11 7:42 AM by Okkun

The reading comprehension here is mindbottling..

Macedawgg site profile image  

1/19/11 3:25 AM by Macedawgg

Because it appeared to be an opportune time to throw in the random "liberal" bash, sensical or not, and judgment was clouded?  

Kr0ndogg site profile image  

1/19/11 3:11 AM by Kr0ndogg

That's why he ran an illegal "ultimate fighting" ring in his gym. OK.

freakinguy site profile image  

1/19/11 2:42 AM by freakinguy

The responsibility is all on the promoters. Its not the fans job to support the sport of mma. Its the promoters job to make it appealing enough for people to spend their hard earned money on their shows. If someone would rather spend 100 bucks on drinks than go to a local show, then thats the promoters fault.

Floppy Divac site profile image  

1/19/11 1:36 AM by Floppy Divac

 frank, you've been to plenty of smaller shows.  I'm not sure how you missed the message Din was putting out there, but it seems like you did.

NorthFromHere site profile image  

1/19/11 1:18 AM by NorthFromHere

Steve Jobs don't need the money, Foxconn slaves in China do.