Roy Nelson: Legal troubles have been settled

by Damon Martin | source:

“All I can simply say is it has finally been settled, and we’ll all just live a happy life because of the legal system in Las Vegas,” Nelson told MMAWeekly Radio on Monday.

While the UFC seemed rather concerned about the legal situation stemming from the contract issues between Nelson and Square Ring, the Las Vegas based fighter didn’t believe it was a huge ordeal to begin with.

“There was nothing to worry about; it was like nine months old,” Nelson commented.

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Recent Comments »

Juicymma site profile image  

1/19/11 3:05 PM by Juicymma

If he's able to get the job done and be fat and eat what he wants then I say more power too him. As any of these fighters if they could get away with eating like shit and still be successful I'm sure they would.

ahahah site profile image  

1/19/11 2:56 PM by ahahah

May have better cardio, but getting stuck in his side control with his flabby belly stuffed in your face wouldn't suck half as bad.

Rantuckjr site profile image  

1/19/11 12:41 PM by Rantuckjr

Just because he is able to maintain his speed, power, and abilities for the duration of the fight (good cardio needed to do that) doesnt mean his cardio wouldnt improve and thus he would be able to maintain more speed, power, and abilities if he was carrying around less fat around his midsection. You can have good cardio and still improve it. I'm sure he improves his other abilities every day too (or should be).I wasnt saying he doesnt have good cardio, just that he could clearly improve on his current lifestyle and it would enhance those attributes even more.

Carl Weathers site profile image  

1/19/11 12:40 PM by Carl Weathers

Nelson needs to not be a fat fuck. Yeah it's a funny gimmick but carrying that much extra fat is a health risk to any human let alone an athlete

suess site profile image  

1/19/11 12:35 PM by suess

Nelson needs more cardio? what?

Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

1/19/11 12:34 PM by Herring In A Fur Coat

 His cardio seems fine.  Unless he can make it to LHW, coming in at 265+ actually helps him at HW.

Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

1/19/11 12:33 PM by Herring In A Fur Coat

 Good to know, can't wait to see him back.

Rantuckjr site profile image  

1/19/11 12:32 PM by Rantuckjr

After reading the post about whether Tank Abbott should be in the HOF and then seeing this post, i couldnt help but compare the two. Before anyone rips my head off, i know Tank was a monster "pit fighter" and Nelson has much more technical ability and probably isnt frightening anyone. But the comparison for me is the what if. What if Tank took his training more seriously and developed some technique to go with his raw power and intangibles? In the fights he lost when he couldnt just knock somebody out, there may have been a different outcome had he devoted more time to it. Same with Nelson. I know he is a BJJ black belt and possesses some nice technical skill, but i believe he could be so much better if he dedicated himself to getting himself into his best possible shape. He doesnt have to develop a gym body, but no matter how skilled you, carrying around that gut cant be helping you out at all. At 6 foot tall he still touches the outer limits of the HW division. I doubt he could lose enough to get to LHW, but his cardio and even his technique would improve greatly if he lost some of the weight he carries around. What do you guys think?