Trainer: Belfort is good, Anderson is better


Are you helping Anderson for his bout with Belfort? How the champion is doing for this next fight?

Luis Carlos Dórea: Anderson is doing just fine, he’s dedicating himself fulltime. He’s much disciplined, he’s doing each step of the trainings at a time. He’s trained for it, and that’s why he’s the best currently. It’ll be a great fight. The whole team is to be congratulates, everybody is working hard for it. He’ll get there very fast and strong.

As a Boxing expert, how do you analyze Vitor’s game against Anderson?

Luis Carlos Dórea: I’ve trained Vitor, I like him, he has a privileged technical condition, but Anderson is on a better moment. He has fought five-round-fights many times and he’s technically pretty good too, he has the power on his hands. It’ll be the fight of the century, and the good thing is that both athletes are Brazilians. Vitor has a great technique, but Anderson’s a phenomenon. He can punch you walking forwards of backwards, when he’s defending himself or counter attacking. Vitor is talented on Boxing, but Anderson is better conditioned than him.

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1/25/11 12:18 AM by K-Dub-"T"

LOL @ the retardedness of claiming Silva was "outstruck" standing. Only idiots would claim that. They were on their feet for like a total of 12 seconds. How does that equal outstruck? LOL!   Oh look Silva dropped him he "outstruck" him!!! Oh wait... no no no.... Silva submitted him he outgrappled him. Fucking DERP!

HELWIG site profile image  

1/24/11 11:36 PM by HELWIG

 "Typical dumbshit UGer. When has that ever happened to Anderson other than the Chael fight in which he carried with him a cracked rib?" Youre lost, bro.

Mark Hunter site profile image  

1/24/11 8:08 PM by Mark Hunter

Oustruck by Sakuraba?? Either your name shoulda been "Blind Forever," or your membership date is explaining itself. You . . . just . . . gotta do better.

SteveNovak site profile image  

1/24/11 7:57 PM by SteveNovak

Every fighter has a bad day including Silva.. & he still won. He's getting old & eventually hell fade but I don't think it's happening now. Sonnen is legit evident by his unanimous wins over Marquardt and Okami. His punchng combos were connecting bc Anderson had to worry about the takedown & obv was not fighting his best.

SteveNovak site profile image  

1/24/11 7:51 PM by SteveNovak

Im feeling a Spider TKO in the 2nd.

RickMartelsArrogance site profile image  

1/24/11 7:50 PM by RickMartelsArrogance

LOL @ Anderson is the best striker in the world. He just got fucking outstruck by Chael Sonnen.

erikmfx site profile image  

1/24/11 7:23 PM by erikmfx

Vitor will win because Anderson has fought scared most of his recent fights.

Cueball B site profile image  

1/24/11 6:55 PM by Cueball B

Belfort wouldn't have been bobbing and weaving around Griffin. He wouldn't even have bothered. He would have KO'd him in the first few seconds. Griffin was throwing the same combo over and over, very slowly, without landing once. Silva also got tagged by Maia. You are correct though in saying that Silva may have the best defence. But we have seen on some occassions that this makes him a bit cocky. If he's cocky in the Belfort fight, he will get knocked out. And don't call green names, who have been in the sport longer that you are alive a dumbshit UG'er, unless you want to come over as a complete cockfaggit.  If you don't like the people here, GTFO  

Deaf Forever site profile image  

1/24/11 5:13 PM by Deaf Forever

Typical dumbshit UGer. When has that ever happened to Anderson other than the Chael fight in which he carried with him a cracked rib?Vitor has been drooped on his ass by Chuck Liddell and James Zicic (!!!) not to mention completely outstruck by the LHW version of Overeem, Sakuraba and Couture (beaten at his own game - boxing). Belfort could never EVER bob and weave around Forrest Griffin the way Silva did. Say what you will about Griffin but that's the absolute truth.His footwork, headmovement, sense of timing/distance and movement is many steps beyond Belfort's defense.Silva has been rocked on the feet precicely once in his 31 fight 10 year career (Sonnen fight).

HELWIG site profile image  

1/24/11 5:01 PM by HELWIG

  "Well it's true. Anderson has proven himself time and time again that his striking is better than anyone elses"