Bruce Buffer: Jon Jones will be the Muhammad Ali of MMA



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osiriss site profile image  

1/25/11 6:04 PM by osiriss

B. Buffer, thank you for all the great insight about your career, mma and everything else. You are a class act and a very hard working man. Guys make sure to watch the video before you start blasting away also check out bruce's radio show and of course stop by and give us a little piece of your mind.

adrenochrome site profile image  

1/25/11 5:54 PM by adrenochrome

LOL @ Jones being the Ali of MMA, it's almost as funny as the thought of Fedor being considered GOAT.Jones hasn't done anything yet.Fedor was good about 5-6 years ago and is more comparable to a Tyson at the end of his reign only instead of one Don King he is surrounded by tons of them. Fedor's legacy is fucked and when he loses in the first round of the SF tournament I hope it's the last we see of his monopoly over a potentially good organization.

bhealthy site profile image  

1/25/11 5:24 PM by bhealthy

the best mma journalism gets lost in all of the womens bodybuilding news

bhealthy site profile image  

1/25/11 5:23 PM by bhealthy

mma journalists can be easily sidetracked by a breaking dungeons & dragons or gay porn story.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

1/25/11 1:10 PM by Bobby Lupo

 I forgot who said it, but it was an old time boxing trainer. He said something like: "The old time fighters weren't any better than the guys today, but the sportswriters back then made them seem like Gods. Boxers stayed the same, it's the sportswriters that got worse" Life Magazine had Sinatra taking pictures for Ali-Frazier. Respected writers like Jack London wrote about boxing in newspapers. For MMA we have pro wrestling marks with cameras lobbing softballs to stay in Dana's good graces.  

likatiga site profile image  

1/25/11 1:04 PM by likatiga

Bobby Lupo just kicked conventional thinking in the nuts.

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

1/25/11 1:00 PM by duckhuntgangsta

You, my fren, have raised an interesting point.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

1/25/11 12:58 PM by Bobby Lupo

 Ali was bigger than boxing because of the people who wrote about him were great. MMA journalists aren't there yet

blank site profile image  

1/25/11 12:51 PM by blank

This bit here.

DSaint site profile image  

1/25/11 12:43 PM by DSaint

 Jones has the talent, but he doesn't have 1/5th of the charisma Ali had.